Enter to win an original painting from Risa Tritabaugh - ends 8/12

Hello again. Where has the time gone? 

Is your summer flying by? Mine sure is. I almost can't believe it already time to announce a new Thursday Giveaway. (By the way, if you are looking for the 2 winners of Jacquelyn Berl's prints click here). 

The new prize has been generously donated by mixed media artist Risa Tritabaugh. Did you catch Risa's Studio Tour on this blog last Saturday? If not, go check it out. I'll wait for you....dum de dum...hmmm..mmmm..mmmm...

Risa in the studio

Now wasn't that fun? Great space, huh? Lucky for us Risa is back to share more of her art & thoughts. on creativity.... And she brought a new prize for the next random drawing!! On 8/12 one lucky winner will take home her original painting Among The Flowers. Giveaway & prize details are at the bottom of this post. 

For now, put your feet up & stay awhile. I've got AC and tall glasses of iced tea. So beat the heat and visit with Risa for a few minutes while I go scrounge up some cookies....

Time Flies by Risa Tritabaugh

RT: Four years ago I entered a new phase of my life. I was basically done raising my two children as a single parent. Young adults, my "children" were ready to branch out on their own. And after 20 years of being single, I was getting married...to a man that encouraged  me to pursue my art!

Risa's Studio

RT: My hubby and I rented an artist studio to share. For the first time in my life, I had a dedicated creative space–a space where I could make a mess and not have to put everything away after each work session! 

work in progress

RT: I started painting like crazy! I love going to my studio, putting on my music, and painting the day away. A lot of things have changed since I moved into that studio space–

RT: I’ve created lots of new works and have opened my studio to the public for several Art Crawls (open studio events). Currently I am participating in two art crawls each year, plus a monthly open studio event. I am also looking for opportunities to show my work at other venues.

Risa & her painting Force Of Nature featured on a magazine

RT: I am tackling new technology to promote my art--I have been writing a blog for several years now and love combining my love for writing and painting there. I opened an Etsy shop. I’m on Facebook and Twitter! I just created my own website, http://www.createdbyrisa.com !

RT: My hubby and I moved from our apartment into a nearby artist co-operative building. I have kept my Jax studio for painting and making messes, but also do some work in my new Tilsner space. We love living in the artist community of Lowertown St. Paul!

RT: Recently I was laid off from my job as a social worker and have decided to spend this summer painting. (Why not make lemonade out of lemons?!) Having the time to pursue my art full-time has allowed me to finish a lot of older pieces and start several new series.

works in progress

RT: I primarily work with acrylics on canvas, but have begun doing some mixed media work as well. My artwork explores many subject matters and themes, often drawing from my life experiences. Through my art I look at what is hard in life and what brings us beauty. I explore relationships and the forces that keep us going. I love using bold, intense colors (like those on my studio walls) and playing with texture. I hope my artwork reflects my passion and energy.

RT: My latest work has been focused more on the “what brings us beauty” part. My soul just needs that right now. I think the whole world needs that right now

works in progress

RT: When I found out that I might be laid off, I went into the studio and knew that I needed to paint hope. The Hope Garden series was born. I’ve started a new series that features more muted teals and purples, but also features flowers and birds. It is bringing me a sense of peace and calm in a world that feels a little crazy and uncertain.

Untitled by Risa Tritabaugh
 RT: I’m determined to continue making art and to share it with others. I turn 50 later this year–and that feels like a major milestone. I’ve reached that point in my life when it’s not too late to dream, but it is getting too late to put my dreams on hold. And I’ve decided to DREAM BIG.

Among The Flowers by Risa Tritabaugh

Risa, thanks so much for stopping by today and sharing your vibrant artwork! And thank you for donating your original painting, Among The Flowers to the next Thursday Giveaway on August 12th!

Dear Reader, thank you for visiting as well. If you have a moment, please leave Risa a comment & let her know what is on your mind. Your comment will also enter you in the random drawing for Among The Flowers, an acrylic painting on canvas This painting measures 8" x 10" and is signed by the artist.

To enter this random drawing, leave a comment on this blog before 1 a.m. (EST) on 8/12. The lucky winner will be selected using random.org. Prize ships free to winner. Please note this contest is open to USA addresses only.

Want to see more of Risa's studio and art? You can find her online:

Blog: http://www.createdbyrisa.blogspot.com 
Website: http://www.createdbyrisa.com 
Etsy: http://www.createdbyrisa.etsy.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/createdbyrisa
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/createdbyrisa

If you're in the St. Paul Minnesota area, and would like to attend one of the local gallery hops, drop Risa a note at any of the above locations. She'll let you know the next time her studio will be open to the public.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Stacey and Risa! I enjoyed hearing about how you have evolved as an artist, Risa. Being a little over 50 myself, I find it so inspiring to read about other women who are coming into their own as artists and being excited about their future.

  2. It was great to get to know you a little more today Risa, I too am a "little over 50" like Liz :)

    It is wonderful to see woman of our age optimistic about the future and living our dreams :)

    Beautiful work!

    Thanks for sharing, great job on the presentation, stacey :) T.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this! Risa, I can totally relate. Having just turned 50 myself and having gone through some very tough economic times I've decided that life is short and I have to do what I love. The bright colors in your art are beautiful and I love the positive vibe. I hope everything works out for you!

  4. Wonderful post - I also have a wonderful husband who is pushing me to pursue my art. After working full time for 18yrs I am now a stay at home mom! Once school is back in session I will be focusing my days on my art work. Your work was very inspiring. I love the colors and the community you moved to sounds wonderful.


  5. Hi Risa! So good to catch up with you again, love hearing what you are up to and that marvelous studio and co-op you live among! Good to see you, thanks for the opportunity to win a great piece!

  6. Hi Risa! I enjoyed hearing about your art journey and seeing the photos of your art with all the bold and beautiful colors. I think the one being given away is my favorite - with the bird and the textured flowers. Thanks, Stacey, for another inspiring interview.

  7. Risa, I loved learning more about your life and art. Sounds like you live in a really cool place, and I love the photos of your studio. Your birds are exquisite. Thanks for sharing your life and art!

  8. i loved "seeing" your studio and getting to know you, risa!
    i also liked seeing your works in progress! so inspiring!

  9. Thanks for an awesome interview/giveaway! It's very interesting to see how it is never too late to go for your dreams!

  10. Thanks so much for this inspirational post! I'm 32 and still in the thick of things with my youngest heading off to kinder in the Fall, however I find it so inspirational to read stories of women who recreate themselves like this one. I hope to be a cool cat like Risa when my babies leave the nest. Risa's artwork is beautiful and I thank you for the opportunity to win one of her pieces.

  11. Yes Risa rocks!!!! Anyone (maybe me) would be soooo lucky to win a Risa Orginal!!!

  12. Loved seeing Risa's studio and her work. So fresh and colorful! Great interview...what a pleasure to meet her.
    Thanks Stacey

  13. Hi Risa! Love seeing your Studio and hearing your story and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your art! Thank You!!!

  14. Risa, I love your work - so cheerful! I really admire your courage to go full time into your art work! God for you!!!

  15. I am just thrilled to see you here in this interview. I feel like I know you already after all this flying we've done. My favorite part was seeing your bright cheery studio with works in progress, what a great story. It gives me a lift that there are others "over 50" that still want to create. After all, I wouldn't want to miss ALL the fun ;-)

  16. This is lovely painting... so vibrant fresh spring colors.:-)) I would love to hang it on my wall.
    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

  17. Always great to see who you are featuring next!

  18. Thanks for sharing Risa with us! What beautiful art, and so inspiring. She's taken water and made wine out of it, and I love it! Now I'm off to check out her blog. Again, thanks for sharing!

  19. Risa, you already know I think your work is amazing, but not half as amazing as you.

    Keep moving forward with your art. Our world needs your spirit.