Your secret mission.....

The Secret Adventure Mission Generator - a New Mission Daily!

Wondering what to do with your week? Pop on over to MykeAmend.com and pick up a secret mission. And what is a secret mission without a new identity?

The Adventure Mission Name Generator - a New Identity Daily!

I also suggest you spend some time checking out the fantastic artwork. I am just crazy about the Airships & Tentacles series! If you say hello, be sure to tell him Crazyteeth Trollop sent you.

By the way, have you entered Thursday's (7/15) random drawing for a set of art cards from Heartsong Fine Art?  Click Here for details & photos


  1. Hi dearest, As usual there's always something interesting here at your place. Do love those studio tours. Am selling my unit and buying a house a couple of hours away, closer to family, so hope to have my own studio space soon. Thank you for thinking of me dear girl. My love to you across the miles...

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Had a blast scrolling through yours.

  3. That sounds like a great website...but I'm having trouble keeping up with my favorite bloggers, much less checking out new sites! ;)

  4. Okay, Thief of Speedos is going to have me giggling for a while...