Gut Ripper's Revenge & other Random Tuesday highlights


Wow- where has February gone? Time sure is flying - can't believe it is already Random Tuesday. 

Issue #1 © ConnorKaiComics

First up today we've got 2 new comic books from a fledgling company, Connor Kai Comics. This entrepreneurial 2nd grader decided he needed to earn some cash & got creative.  I am totally digging the cover of issue #1. Also available now:

Issue #2 © ConnorKaiComics

These are very reasonably priced at .25 each or $1 for a 5 issue subscription. Visit ConnorKaiComics.com for more about this budding artist & his creations. 

Totally off topic, I love this Sneaky Jane print from Svitrolica.etsy.com...  Click caption for bigger image & more info.

Sneaky Jane from SVitolica.etsy.com
Fiskars sent along this book page wreath project. Don't know what I'd ever do with a paper wreath, but I kind of like it.

designed by Lisa Storms
 Here's the link to the directions.

Aannnddd....today just feels like the perfect day to mention the National Mustard Museum.  Hmm.... I could totally see a condiment called Gut Rippers Revenge. Wouldn't buy it, but I can see it.....

So, are you supposed to feed a cold or a fever? Either way,  I think it is time to self-medicate with a triple chocolate brownie.

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  1. The comic covers are cool--cant' wait to see what is in it! Wihing you tons of sales!!

  2. The comics sound so exciting! "The Gut Ripper's Revenge" has got to be a real page turner! I can't wait to hear more.

  3. Wow, I think there is a future Donald Trump in the making!! 2nd grade and an entrepreneur already! You rock with such imagination and great work!

  4. Will the Gut Ripper and the Great Sensei do battle? And cool wreath. I love paper art.