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Hey there. Just tuning in in case anyone is listening. The mystery fabric & other destashed goodies giveaway is still on - buuuutt... no photos yet as I've misplaced the cable connecting the camera to the 'puter. It really is time to clean the studio ( the old refrain, eh?). Basically any comments left on this blog before 1 am (EST) on 2/17 gets you an entry in the random drawing. It'll be a good box-0-stuff but you'll have to take my word for it (enter wink here).

Getting everyone ready for the Intl. Toyfair around here. I will admit to being very jealous - I do so miss NYC.

Everything else is simply status quo. Been watching too much Netflix rerun TV at night, instead of finishing projects or cleaning up. I blame the long days & touch of flu, but really I'm a little hooked on the BBC's Survivors. I feel like a bit of a masochist as I know the series was canceled on a cliffhanger after season 2. But I am a Paterson Joseph fan (have been since his Marquis De Carabas in Neverwhere over a decade ago). Also I'm really enjoying Max Beesley's cold blooded yet conflicted character, Tom Price.

Sorry for such a dull post. If you are in the neighborhood tomorrow pop back as I'm announcing a new business card giveaway - haven't had one of those in a while. And the sponsor, Uprinting.com does some fantastic work. So if you need cards dont miss your chance to enter.

Hope you have a fantabulous weekend! (Haha - tis only hump day & I'm already thinking weekend. )

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  1. I have been doing the movie thing too!! Ha! I think it is the weather...has me blue!! I am ready for spring!
    Hugging you sweetie