Sunday Sketch - Margot

Margot -Charcoal & Conte on 18" x 24" newsprint    

I spotted a Sunday Sketch post over on Diana Evans' blog this morning & thought that sounded like fun. Also tossed the 2 words into Google & found all kinds of drawings posted.  Check it out if you have the time - or, even better, play along!

I'm supposed to be getting out the backhoe to clean Little Dude's room today, but this was far more entertaining. Sorry the picture is a bit crap - still having some camera woes around here. So I had to hold the paper in front of the webcam to catch a shot.

I love sketching big & loose - haven't done that in a while. And the paper is a fantastic size for blocking most of the mess in my room - haha


  1. oh wow!!! this is so neat and mysterious Stacey!!! wonderful work!!!! love it!!!

  2. Love it!!! Have a great week hun!!

  3. HaHa! That's a new reason to use big paper! It turn out really well!

  4. Hey there lady! So good to hear from you, glad you stopped by! I am doing well, I hope the same for you and yours:) (Cool pic!!!)

  5. Great sketch. She has so much character and personality!