Illustration Friday - Asleep


"The idea that sleep is every man's gateway to madness is altogether harder to live with"- Alvarez

Loving the new IllustrationFriday prompt:"Asleep" - right up my alley. Not much time to play today, so I tracked down some old sketches to smoosh & tweak in PE9. Click on the image to enlarge. 

I have a love/hate relationship with sleep.  I've always had insomnia... but once asleep have very vivid dreams, as well as hypnagogic hallucinations. I also have a history of lucid dreaming. In my teens, I actually preferred the land of Nod; at least there I could create (& control) my reality.

I came a cross the Alvarez quotation while digging though some old journals. I have no idea who Alvarez is or where the line is from - not having much luck with google either. If you recognize it, I'd love to know the origin. Probably from a sci-fi flick or something I was reading in 1996.

Back to IF : Are you feeling inspired by "Asleep"? If so, post your creation and link it to IllustrationFriday.com. Want to see more interesting takes on the theme? You can find them at the IF link as well.

By the way, I'm posting a few more Paris pics this weekend.  Until then - pleasant dreams!


  1. Me and sleep...we be buds for sure! Love my sleep!! Try to get at least 7 hours a nite!!
    Love your piece! Wonderful!

  2. Intriguing image -
    I can sort of see your love/hate relationship with sleep in it, a sense of feeling disturbed or in between.

  3. I wish I had a better relationship with sleep. I go to sleep okay (if it's late enough), but then wake up at a ridiculously early hour and am not able to go BACK to sleep). The quote seems familiar. I really like it, as I do your wonderful, many-layered image.

  4. powerful image, I love the layering :-)

  5. I wish I had more adventures when I sleep. Your image and quote are haunting, and so lovely.

    Thank you for wonderful comment on my blog! I'm with you on the owner-slave reality! Ellie Mae owns us and we, like you, are slaves to her... wouldn't, couldn't have it any other way!

  6. Yes sleep...
    Love your illustration.

  7. Love your piece! It's very evocative of that slide from consciousness to dream.

  8. Wonderful, rich layered work, much like a dream itself! :)