Jedi Obi Dude vs Lord J

Obi Dude: Excuse me?????

Doesn't Obi Dude look like he's thinking - You did not just say that about my ship/droid/or princess did you????

Last week, Obi Dude (red light saber) donned his Deluxe Stars Wars Jedi Robe and paid a visit to his buddy Lord J (blue light saber).  The generous folks over at CostumeSuperCenter.com sent The Dude this cool Star Wars robe for review. (By the way Lord J is wearing O.D.'s black Griffendor robe, which has been doing double duty for years.). 

Lord J: Why yes, yes I did!

Oh oh - them's fighting words....

OD: Last chance to take it back!

By the way, I love the drape on this robe. It is made of a lightweight polyester and has a really slick drape, dont'cha think?  Okay, okay..... you caught me - yes, I wish I had one too.

LJ: I think not!

LJ: Prepare yourself, my friend. You may have a fantastic new robe but I am fast with a saber!

It appears that Lord J's boldness knows no bounds.

But Wait!

Ooh look - Obi Dude has activated the infamous butterfly effect! Resistance is futile (sorry - I couldn't help myself)

LJ: You can't catch me - muhahahaha

While he seems to exude confidence (even while making his escape) notice that Lord J has abandoned his sweaty cloak. It was a hot 80+ degrees on the playground. However Obi Dude's robe has a loose weave, making the fabric look like a rough monk-type material. It also allows better air flow, keeping a Jedi cooler in the Florida sun - big bonus.

LJ: Aarrgh! Until we meet again, Obi Dude....

Lord J grabs his robe & flees the marauding butterflies.

Obi Dude is victorious.... for now....

And a grand time was had by all! 

Many thanks to CostumeCenter for such a great outfit! This Deluxe Jedi Robe gets an A+ from me and an "Awesome! I love it!" from Obi Dude. You can find more great Star Wars costumes and other fantastic outfits on their website. They have costumes for all ages, in all shapes & sizes. Fast shipping too, so be sure to check this fun company out.

Please note: We received this costume at no charge for review.

I frequently receive product review offers, but rarely accept as I am usually just not into the item or company. I can honestly say that this costume is well made and very cool. Plus it is hand washable (a must for post-playdate or candy-sticky fingers)!


  1. I can see that a great time was had by all! I would feel the same about product reviews

  2. Reminds me of my 8 year old grandson.
    He is really into this sort of thing.
    Cute :)

  3. Just before I read your words I was thinking 'I want one too' as well!