Random Tuesday Thoughts resumed

New Banner for ArtSnark.etsy.com

So, how's it going? Not much new around here - still playing catch up from the trip plus the past week (when I sat on my duff with a nasty cold). I was tired of the fall colors in my etsy banner so I pulled together a new one. I am carrying over the spring sale which means lots of original art at crazy low prices - many $10 or less, + other pieces have free shipping.

I haven't had a random Tuesday post in a while so I'm just going to ramble a bit..... I can't believe it is still Tuesday, by the way. I look back to 3:18 am when my insomnia woke me up and it seems like two days ago...phew.

Listening to lots of William Elliot Whitmore - I just can't get enough.

Headache, Ltd. edition Lady Gaga poster from charmaineolivia.etsy.com

While I am so not a Lady Gaga fan ( i know, just shoot me) , I am loving this poster - the white hair is a brilliant touch. Though I think I prefer the non-Gaga-ed version in CharmaineOlivia's shop.

The always fabulous Maria-Thérèse over at www.afiori.com posted some very cool Circus photos today.

Thinking About Birds from CocodeParis.etsy.com

I am also crazy about the Etsy shop CocoDeParis. It is full of fun images like Thinking About Birds, above. Yeah, I know the whole printing/painting-on-a-bookpage is overplayed lately....but it is a look I love, and these guys do it so well.

This weekend we visited my favorite aunt who recently retired to Florida. She gave me a box of cool old stuff which includes some of my granddad's school books from the late 1800s. They are in remarkably good condition. I'll scan some pages soon & post for anyone who wants to use them in collage or whatever.

Hmm... I am waaay behind on the giveaways, studio tours & artist features, yeah? Sorry about that - life & my poor organizational skills keep getting in the way. Feels like time for some destash though, so pop back here Thursday for a chance to win free stuff.

Well, I could pour another glass of wine & ramble you to death. Instead I will call it a night & direct your attention to StacyUncorked who is tending the Random Tuesday torch while The UnMom is on RTT hiatus. Be sure to visit Stacy if you are seeking misc chattering folks or want to add a link to your own mumblings today.


  1. Enjoyed your Randomizing!! I like that "Thinking of Birds" print! Very cool!!
    But you are so right. Paintings on book pages has been overplayed for sure!

  2. Eeeek! You posted about meeee! Thank yoooou! :D <3 <3 <3

    I'm right there with you about the insomnia... gah! Except last night I slept for a really long time but I just don't feel rested, ya know, ever!

  3. This is some pretty fabulous randomness! Gotta say!

  4. Yes your random thoughts are nice! Insomnia is bad to have