An Embarrassment of Riches

my closed door- don't say I didn't warn you

I've been griping for years about how my "studio" - a bedroom converted into a craft room - has become an uninhabitable boxroom. Too many years of Don't know where to put it? Chuck it in and shut the door. The time has come to put on my big girl panties and dig in.

peeking in...Beware. Here Be Dragons....

I'm sharing these embarrassing photos to give myself a final (shameful) kick in the keister.  Hey, they'll make great "before" pictures eventually. (You know, that unfinished blue painting has been sitting there since 2008 or so - sigh. I have my work cut out for me.)

Can you spy the remains of the last foolish brave visitor?

To help keep me on track, I've signed on for a fresh round of Beth Dargis' Declutter Club. (Psst... You can get her free Declutter Calendar here). My task this time around is to turn this soul-sucking  disaster into a creative space. 

my desk is under there... somewhere

The extra accountability & support really do help; with ideas and encouragement from Beth's group, I have purged a unbelievable amount of excess from the rest of our house and office in the last 6 months.

boxes from failed attempts to get organized

However, my space now reminds me of the infamous Dorian Gray's portrait (via Hoarders)... as the rest of our space grew beautiful, my room became more hideous and corrupted. 

closet - perhaps I can wish it bigger??

To be fair - this is totally my fault. So, taking a deep breath and wading in. Wish me luck. If you don't hear from me in 6 months, send for backup.


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  1. :D :D :D
    So fun to see this picture! Looks like how my studio used to look like. It took 4-ish years before it started to look like a place I would let people see. :D So I am proud of you showing lives reality. Wishing you all the best in finding your way in the studio.


  2. I do not feel so bad, I have a soul mate when it comes to craft/art room style. I am in the declutter group, Linda. I feed the same way as you od, where to start? I want to move everything out and bring back in and put in it's place but have nowhere to move it out.

  3. Hi Stacey,
    you can do it!

  4. I have total faith in you - you will conquer the clutter and then once you have you can come on over and help me get mine sorted again ;~D wishing you good luck and if you disappear for too long we will send in the search parties.

  5. Yep, you can definitely do this!(I need to too!)

  6. You can do it!! Don't give up. :D

  7. I wish you the best of luck! I have had moments where my bedroom looked unwalkable since I didn't have a separate space for my art work and supplies. It was like a jungle of art. I know you will find things in there that you might of forgotten you had! The wonders! Dig in and have fun! Don't drive yourself crazy over it, just one step at a time.

    1. So for some reason this didn't put my name through... just wanted you to know it was me writing. :) good luck once again!

  8. Thanks for sharing, Stacey! You will conquer this clutter as you did in the rest of your home! :) Happy that we are on this journey together and you are a beautiful writer as well as artist!

    1. Jennifer Kost-Barker9:00 AM, October 02, 2012

      oops, my name didn't post above!

  9. I have been working on my studio as well. Sigh!
    It is an endless task for sure
    Good luck
    Love the before pics

  10. I am dealing with this issue again as well as I have taken up pottery in addition to painting and kids books... I think nature just abhors a vacuum and artists being ever on a quest for the "new" will always comply...

  11. You will get there. Keep focused and when you are finished you will be so PROUD of yourself...we want to see photos too okay?

  12. Well you done it now sweetie...we'll be watching and waiting for the transformation...hope you don't wear out all those big girl panties tee hee! I've just finished cleaning out my library and only did it by making myself do something, anything, even just moving one book, every time I walked past!

  13. Ah, a kindred spirit. Good luck and may the Faerie Force be with you! (I hear they can do wonders with creative souls!) :)

  14. I am so glad you shared! Remember, you are not alone in this at all. I know you can do it and you will find treasures along the way as you clear out the clutter. You will be so energized with what you'll accomplish and I can't wait to see the "after" photos!!

    Vickie (Gma)

  15. So funny. I totally understand!
    I had an official "Declutter Day" yesterday.
    Phew, so much better.
    Good Luck,