What is on your workdesk Wed.

studio scribble

For WOYWW this week.... I've got nothing, not even a desk. It has been shoved aside while I try to declutter my room. Need to add some more storage & while this looks awkward with the desk so close, I'm thinking about recreating an arrangement that I pinned a while back.

This photo is borrowed from the original source, The Smith Nest blog. As you can see, she lined 3 skinny IKEA Expedit shelving units against the wall. One is turned & the side has has been altered with Chalkboard Paint (I'm guessing). 

IKEA Expedit

I flipped the photo & started scribbling. The big white piece in my doodle is a window & the grey mess is supposed to be the metal art hanging system.  

My room is small and this set up could be a bit ungainly. But it will also require the least amount  of rearranging furniture. Someday I'll probably get some burly guys to put my ginormous computer cabinet in that corner & then  replace it with a grand-daddy sized expedit or something nicer.

Still thinking... Any suggestions?


  1. I love that expidet arrangement! I say go for it!

  2. On my desk is a little bit of everything!! Ha!!
    I am getting ready for an art show,....so what a mess!! But a good mess for sure

  3. I like the layout and love the units if you can I'd go for it looks good to me but then I like organisation and love the chalkboard idea although I'd want/prefer magnetic paint . good luck,Have a good week #99

  4. I cannot offer suggestions. Useless at space organising. Quite amazed that you know how to use photos to plan your room and create other photos!! Good luck though, it'll be worth all the considering!

  5. Love Ikea Expedits- they must have invented them for us crafters/artists/etc. Just got some ready for my new room.Have a great week, Shaz #107

  6. oh yes...they are nice I could do with some! I need shelves so I can put one thing on it and not pile things on top, that's way I get soooooooo messy!! Have to go look at these! Thanks for my snoop! Have a crafty week! HaPpY Late WOYwW!
    ((Lyn)) #25

  7. I like it girl! That metal art part will be so handy as well...Ikea need to employ you as a designer! Look forward to seeing how you get on...