Pinterest is a small world after all....

untitled photo by Deb Schwedhelm
Spotted this fun (but unattributed) photo on Pinterest. Love the pic but one of my pet peeves is sharing visual images without proper credit*.... so I went digging. 

Luckily the image was linked to the photographer's, (Deb S) flickr account. Poking around there led me to the evocative images on her website http://www.debsphotographs.com/. The "about" page had a picture of this talented artist, Deb Schwedhelm. Here's the small world part - her son used to talk Lego with mine at the walkers pick up spot after school. It really is a small world!

* Now, I will admit that I have gotten sloppy regarding re-pin attribution too. ( & apologize for this). But I try to give credit when I can. While http://images.google.com/ used to be my go to place for identifying original sources, nowadays so many leads link to uncredited pinterest or tumblr pages that it has become a challenge to give credit where it is due. Questions for you:Do you use pinterest, polyvore, tumblr, etc? How do you deal with the uncredited artist problem? Do you have a favorite source search? 


  1. Well, I hate to be your first response and the negative ninnie.....but I still don't use any of those sites because of the copyright violations. I would be like you, Stacie, and spend a lot of time researching. I've visited Pinterest now and then, (I will be the first to admit it's a fantastic candyland of visual thrills) and unfortunately within just a few minutes I usually run into pins that I know to be images for sale, or at the least not for re-publication, by the creator.

    My absence or stand is not going to bring PT to its knees. To me the lack of respect, the supposed-ignorance of copyright, the non-chalant-eveyone-does-it is a bigger picture of the direction we are going as a society......putting our own comfort and desires ahead of others at a cost to others. The fact that many see such the issue as trite and harmless because it is so widely accepted and fun is just a little scary, me thinks.

  2. I totally get where you're coming from, Pat. I get distracted by the eye-candy (& the extra time it takes to track the source); it would be lovely if everyone gave credit where it is due!

    Pinterest has been invaluable for organizing my bookmarks, recipes, tutorials,etc. I've tossed stacks of magazines and papers as I've found & pinned the info I want online. And I actually use the info now that I can easily access it!

  3. You don't have to tell me!! I love Pinterest for just the positives you list. I love the ability to have such a gorgeous data base!! :) It is what it is and I don't see anything but up for Pinterest. The door is wide open so I think either lots of lawyers are going to start turning into copyright specialists and take advantage, make life miserable for some people,or copyright laws are ineffective and therefore worthless....or I guess there is a 3rd possibility-----> they are effective but complicated and gray and impossible to enforce. I think the last one is a very distinct possibility, from reading when I can't sleep and looking for heavy stuff. LOL!