Music Monday - King of Spain & The Pack A.D.

Hello, Monday. 
Where did you come from?

Somehow I am already behind this week, so it is another post-and-run this morning. Right now I'm chilling with King of Spain while pushing papers. Click the link above to have a listen to their tune Motions on soundcloud. (please note: it opens in this window tho so you'll have to hit the back button to return.)

Got my wake-up jolt earlier from The Pack A.D. Just to let you know (in case you've got kiddos in the room) there's lots of arm flailing & punching in this video. Great tune tho.

Looking for some more Monday music? Pop over to XmasDolly's - today is a freebie so there will be a big-ole variety to listen to. 


Quick note: last few days to enter Thursday's random drawing for custom printed postcards. Click here for details. Or just leave a comment to put your name in the hat.


  1. Okay, Okay, Okay I'm paying attention I promise! That's a new one for me hahahaha That's a bit different I'll say, but you definitely rocked the house my friend!!! Thanks for joining us.

  2. He did a great job in the video- that's really something else. :-)

  3. I was thinking I'd taze him. lol

    Totally cool song.

    Thanks for rocking out with us.