Music Monday - l'heure grise

Still saturating my brain with  Beck's latest, Morning Phase. Tonight it was the perfect soundtrack for my post-storm evening walk.

We enjoyed one of those long overdue deluges that bend the trees and overflow the gutters. 

Then everything was soggy and still. The sensible folks were in their homes instead of tromping through puddles.

Never accused of being sensible, I had the world to myself. I sometimes forget how wonderfully quiet life can be.

What music has started your week? Why don't you hop aboard XmasDolly's Music Train and join the weekly blog-hop. Post & share your favorite tunes, or stop over and find something new to listen to. Either way, it is always a fun ride.


  1. I've heard this song quite a bit lately on XM's coffee house and I am really digging it. It truly is the perfect pick for your evening soundtrack and photos. Gorgeous job on the photos as always.

  2. I like their sound!
    Thank you for introducing me.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. It's a new song to me, but I love your choice. So pretty. Happy St. Paddy's day to ya!

  4. I've never heard this either, I really like it. Now you've got me listening to a bunch of their songs while working. :)

    Just for the record - I'm pretty sure it is the sensible people out there enjoying the puddles and the just-rained-on-world. I know I was out there checking out the garden before it had even completely stopped raining; it's too pretty to miss!

  5. I love the raindrop pictures. I also enjoy some quiet time.

  6. Great perspective on a rainy day!