What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 249

It has been forever since I've posted for "What's on your workdesk Wednesday"! Actually, it feels like forever since I've had time to get my craft on. My room is in a state of upheaval as I (once again) tuck in and try to make some sense of everything.... so today's playtime play is happening at my computer desk. 

love this chart that has been making the rounds online
Last summer a dozen plant photos on canvas printed poorly. Rather than toss the misprints I set them aside, only uncovering them last weekend while cleaning. I found some time today to have a go with my beloved Pitt Pens and Derwent pencils. I'm pretty happy with how it is coming along so far. What do you think?

What imaginative impulses are you feeling today? Want to share your work station with fellow creative crafters? We would love to see what you are up to!

To play a long, post a photo of your work table online. Then add a link over at Stamping Ground. While you are there be sure to visit other folks and check out what they are making today. You will see some amazing projects, perfect organization, whirlwind messes... and everything in between. 

It is all in good fun! Hope you see you (+/or your space) soon.


  1. You do not want to see my work space. It's a science experiment. lol

  2. Love the former remark LOL

    I don't think the desk is that bad, love the time chart but there is one thing really wrong that you need to stop immediately and that is cleaning unless it is art related. Thanks for sharing your desk this week.

    Happy crafting and Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 21

  3. I need to clean my desk. Right now! LOL! Thank you for making me consider how my work space affects my mental space. I always appreciate your posts!!! :)

  4. I need a work desk makeover right NOW! I've got everything from a ukulele to acetone here. No wonder I'm having a hard time focusing!

  5. I have been working on my table in the dining room because there's better light there...lately I've been creating acrylic paintings on canvas. Would love to share a photo, but don't know how to here...grrrrr Good to visit Stacey for it's been way too long.

  6. The time chart is too funny -- I'm *always* looking for what I just had in my hand. Half the time it's right in plain sight. Happy WOYWW on Thursday! ~ Laura #14

  7. That chart is the biz...although I couldn't actually display it...I wouldn't want my husband to know that I waste so much time by not tidying up...I've been trying to tell hi the opposite for years!!

  8. Hi Stacey I decided to have a late week snoop around some WOYWW blogs because I missed heaps this last week and have some time now. Hey I love your pie graph it is soooo try here as well I blame the desk fairies. Your plant canvas is amazing - what a super idea to enhance them with your pens and pencils. Cheers RobynO#24