Couple Of New Pieces

Carved some time out tonight to finish 2 new pieces.
Second Grace is an ACEO
Icarus Who? Is a Mixed Media Collage.

If you're curious,this one had a bunch of steps. After making a polaroid transfer of a leaf, I decided to play with the the negative image. (This is the trash part but I like like the funky abstract look so I usually mess around with it.) First I used water color pencils. I wanted more POP so I scanned the piece in & saturated the colors in PhotoShop Elements. Then I printed this out twice.

Next I colored both prints with watercolor pencil & markers. 1 became the background & the other got cut up for wings/flames. I then scanned an old sketch (for a painting I sold a few years ago). Stretched the figure a bit more in PE & added golden tones for a mythical feel. Printed & trimmed this figure. Glued it all up. Played some more with the pencils & added a double beveled black mat. Though I liked the drama, it looked like a big black hole so I used the pencils on the mat too. The whole thing then got a coat of UV-resistant spray.

Both are available at ArtSnark.etsy.com


  1. Grace is a beautiful ATC and Icarus is fabulous!! So powerful and the lines are so exciting!! WTG sweetie! I have been busy in baby land and hope to do some "art" today. Hugging you dear one!

  2. Stacy I love these especially what you did with the leaf!! Great work hon!!!

  3. Whoops, I mean Stacey...I knew that..ehehehe!!! I"m loving the pastels you sent me...

  4. Really loving Second Grace Stacey! Beautiful! And I agree with SueAnn, Icarus is very powerful!

  5. Very nice work. I love the print of the lady. That is really unique.

    Now that we have a brand new year I hope to visit you more often.

  6. Great new ATC's! Your process for the transfer and photo manipulation is intriguing--something I aspire to learn more about this year!

  7. I am really taken with Second Grace. The drawing you did against the print is such a beautiful and interesting contrast.