Random Thoughts Tuesday


Ugg- Brain foggy..... Do you ever find that you're more awake when you tumble out of bed than 3 -4 hours later? (insert every mother's lecture about eating a proper breakfast here)

My random shuffle is doing better than I am at this today- Last 5 songs 1st to last have been

Tank - Cowboy Bebop soundtrack
Stealing the Pinch - David Holmes
D is for Drums - They Must Be Giants
Once again around the Dance floor - KD Lang
Evacuate - Boxer Rebellion

Hmm....Put Down the Duckie (Ernie & Hoots the Owl) just kicked in... gotta love Party Shuffle

While wasting time I don't really have searching for a link to David Holmes, I tripped into rhapsody.com - Haven't snooped around much yet but it gave me a nice clear rendition of Stealing the Pinch to share ( tho the last link takes you to all of Holmes' music)

...more coffee...ahh...much better

OK...here's the KD Lang song on rhapsody (link not exact but will lead you in the right direction)

If you've bothered following all this, you're slacking off as badly as I am & you need one of THESE .....what? were you expecting a personal assistant? You (and I ) wish!

You may notice I'm having some troubles with the whole time-management- resolution- thing.

But I Loooove Random thoughts Tuesday! And teeny tiny text

.....if you need a little more anarchy, go visit the Un-Mom warning rated pg-13 for real-life language today ;-D


  1. You are too funny! And very random!

  2. Ack! I got a rating!

    That'll probably up my traffic, actually, thanks ;)

    I feel tired 3-4 hours later, and I DO eat a proper breakfast. It's because I need a nap. Because I'm actually 3.

  3. love your ramblings. it's something like the inside of my brain - something someone once described as the windows screen saver that has all the computers flying quickly at the viewer. I often talk like people are privvy to my thought process and they often look at me like i'm crazy. :)

    You know.. I love KD Lang.. seriously one of the purest, moste beautiful voices I've ever heard. sigh.

    thanks for your ramblings :)

  4. Sadly, I would have to purchase my own "Slacker at work" trophy as budget constraints have tanked purchasing at my company.

    Oh well, I still slack with the best of em.

  5. I love KD Lang, but have never heard of the others. I'm going to download now...

  6. LOL-Put Down the Duckie AND coffee! Starting the day right, I see! :)

  7. Yawn!! I need more coffee than usual today so I am feeling you for sure. My whole brain is in a fog. Ugh!! Have a great day dear one.

  8. even your ramblings are creative!!!

    xo! ~Bella