Feeling Fabulous, Dahling!

Behind on creating this week & planned on playing tag today. Then I was given this wonderful award x2.

Special thanks to talented artists Queenbe & Nancy Lefko who were kind enough to give it to moi.

Right now I'm blushing & waving a fan like Blanche Dubois "Oh look, we have created enchantment"

Please visit their Fabulous blogs & see what they are up to. Try to pop by their award recipients while you're there ... c'mon now, just tickle those links ... you know you want to ...just a little ...

hmm... hmm.. hmmm... ahh, you're back...

This is where I list 5 things I'm "into" right now:

1. Etsy & the ongoing conversations in the Collage/ Mixed Media Forum
2. Free music downloads on Amazon
3. Gathering, creating & altering gizmos: Astrolabes, pocket watches, toys & gadgets
4. trying to make sense of the scrapyard that is my home office/studio (see #3)
5. Samurai Champloo - some people veg to reality TV; I do anime

Now I pass the torch onto 5 more FAB bloggers:
1. Starrydeborah
2. SuAnn's Journey
3. Paper mischief
4. La Donna Paper cutting
5. Lemon Drop Pie

And a final thought from Miss Dubois:
I want magic! Yes, yes, magic. I try to give that to people.
May you find your magic today & make your world simply FABULOUS!


  1. Aw, shucks, Stacey. **Blushing** Thanks so much for the honor. I'll post my five soon.
    Much obliged, my dear.

  2. Greetings from Australia :-)
    I like your blog!

  3. Oh....Thank You! You have made my day with this honor!
    Has anyone told you lately that you are FABULOUS!?! : )
    La Donna

  4. WOW Stacey, 2 awards in one shot. Your blog is obviously the "one"!! Congrats and thank you for mentioninbg me :) .

  5. I'm flattered! Thank you for the award! I almost didn't see your comment since I've had two sick kids this weekend. Thanks again!

  6. Thank you so much for the award Stacey!! You made my week!! LOL
    Hugging you