Monday's Muse - Challenges

The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, he's dead. - Bette Davis
Today I am Time Challenged ... what's new, eh?

I started this morning thinking about all the great blog challenges out there. Poetry, art, and many others...

Been enjoying a few art challenges lately. A picture or word can really get the juices flowing .... Mostly in my mind unfortunately (the time thing again). Here are a few of my current favorites:
Mind Wide Open
Illustration Friday
Art On The Dark Side
What are some of your favorite challenges? Anything on the web that shakes your muse awake lately? I challenge you to take some advice from Bette D: Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work.
9:30 pm Took up my own challenge of Time. Put the little guy to bed & gave myself 45 minutes to create...anything! The only caveat was that when the timer went off I had to stop. Ended up with this ATC . Feels good to tickle some paper, but it was hard to stop! She feels a bit unfinished & I've reawakened the fingers. However there is a patient husband & a paused movie waiting in the wings.... so to play by my own rules, she's done.now she needs a name....any suggestions?


  1. she is gorgeous and I think the hurried, unfinished quality is part of the charm. You could call her 'girl unfinished' because, which of us really are finished?

  2. A fragment of time....Betty After her quotes. LOL Kind of has that 40's feel to her. I think she is fabulous!!!

  3. In addition to the one you have mention the the Everyday Matters is a favourite,

    Your lady has a grate face expression.


  4. Oh Stacey she is Fabulous! Your artwork always is! You inspire me.

  5. Fantastic card and great way to push yourself artistically. How many times to I look at the clock and say, "nah . . . I don't have enought time to really get down to creating?"
    I think Sue Ann is right . . . she does have a 40's feel.

  6. Hi Stacey, love the atc! She looks like "Wind Kissed" to me. I love the challange you gave yourself, great, thought provoking idea. Hope all is well your way, have a good one.

  7. She has Betty Davis eyes....
    memorable! Lovely work!