Quasi-Random Thoughts Tuesday

Ok I'm just going to ramble - however a piece or 2 of cohesion may slip thru. I'm behind all schedules (as usual). Not really time to post - but I do so love The Random Zone!

Missed last weeks Arty Girlz challenge "Wire"- here are fun pieces from those who had their acts together. Lucky for me, the piece I meant to submit also fits under this week's topic "Butterflies"
A custom piece "gone bad", I was seriously bummed. Then all the positive feedback left by wonderful readers (on my last necklace posting) encouraged me to jazz it up for Arty Girlz . Also listed on etsy & YAY it's now on reserve!

Also listed an ACEO - it originally appeared on ZNE as Faeries Are Elusive... but "Believe" is a more productive search word so ...
Do You Believe in Faeries?

How 'bout Zombies?

I hear you...Yeah, you in the back, mumbling what is it with this girl and the frickin zombies? Dunno what to tell you, they just keep coming back ;-)

Enjoyed 1 of the worse movies ever on late night TV last week (hey...watching crap tv...not getting anything done...connection?) Nearly laughed to death (ah, but would I have come back?) The New Zealand horror *cough* classic *cough* Black Sheep. No, not the Chris Farley thing - the werewolf /mutant zombie one ....just replace "wolf" & "mutant" with sheep..... yeah, really.

I had this on my Netflix for ages before it was released. Once it came out, it crept lower & lower down the queue until it hovered in the 125 zone. This is the "walk of shame" area - movies that I think I want to see but not sure I want to (a) admit it (b) pay for -even if it's pennies & (c) remove from queue only to reinstate after seeing preview again usually after drinking too much

Spoiler: My biggest laugh was when our hero lost his gun & tossed a jar of mint jelly on the attacking creature! Sizzled like holy water on a vampire....classic! Did I mention it was around 2am at my house? C'mon help me find an excuse for such sophomoric pleasures....

Well, this is truly rambling... 3 more for you, if you're still with me, I must ask what is with all the Jane Austin adaptations?

You have probably heard by now that Elton John is said to be producing the film Pride & Predator I thought it was a joke at 1st

Now you can preorder Pride & Prejudice and Zombies Hey, can I read it when you're done?And my favorite: Jane Bites Back NY Times says "depicts the 19th-century author as a frustrated vampire, taking revenge on those who have made money from her work"

Ok. I'm done. If you get a chance, POP over to visit The Un-Mom (who's feeling a bit like the walking dead thanks to the latest bug going around) & see what wacky chaos she is up to this week


  1. Jane never looked so interesting as she does on the cover of that book!

  2. I love watching bad movies, if only for the comic effect! Hubby and I got sucked into one the other night, mainly because it had the cutest baby in it! No zombies, though...

    Love the necklaces you've been making! They are very Jane Austin! ;)

  3. Hey Stacey,
    Always enjoy reading your latest adventures. Finished the Jekyll series and was really impressed! Thanks for recommending it.
    Take good care,

  4. Love the necklace!

    I have to stop visiting your site (and Captain Dumbass's) - it's fueling my unhealthy zombie obsession. Nothing personal.

    Oh, fine, I won't stop visiting.

    I haven't heard of that NZ flick - but now I totally want to watch it.

  5. I am a HUGE zombie fan so Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has been on my radar for a while. It is also probably the only way I'll ever get around to reading the Pride and Prejudice. LOL.

    Ah well, at least I'm honest, eh?

  6. Great pendant - love it. Love your blog and all your work too!

  7. So "evil death", "the black book" and "pet cemetery" are likely to be on you "have seen" list... nice thing about zombie/horror movies they tend to have happy endings... I love happy endings...


  8. beautiful pendent

    Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.

    crissi xx

  9. WOW your creations are WONDERFUL

    Thanks for joining in with the butterfly challenge on Arty Girlz

    Julie xx