OoPs! MiSsEd ThAt RaNdOm THoUgHt TuEsDaY aGaIn

Dang. I'm extra slow this week. I was saving this for Tuesday but the week's getting away from me: A little time-waster that is worth checking out, especially if you remember the 80s: www.dustfilms.com/literalvideos

Been stocking some valentine supplies in the ColorTheSky shop today - the cool thing is they've been flying off the "shelf" almost as soon as I list them! Wish I had more time - I have many many more things to upload. C'est la vie

Little guy is home this week with an asthma-type cough. All day at the docs yesterday yielded a new med which seems to be helping (yay!). However not much gets done besides Nurse-Mommy stuff.

Have to run. Hope you're having a creative day!

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  1. Those videos were so funny! I loved Take Me On and Head Over Heels when they came out. I hope your little one feels better. My own two are on antibiotics for ear infections. They are feeling better now, but last weekend was not so fun!