The Patience Of Joy

1 of the sweetest people I've ever "met", Joy, was the winner of a customized pendant & necklace in my 1st random giveaway. This wonderful lady has waited (and waited...) since December for her prize. Her only requests was that the image be a pink letter J on sheet music. After too many months of excuses, I think I'm done. I tried to go with a faux-antique look .Not sure if I pulled it off. There is actually a little more I'd like to do but .... rather than make this kind lady wait another 2 months, it's in the mail tomorrow (really!)

Pendant measures 2.25"h x 1.75"w, not counting beads. Chain is 24" with a lobster clasp

I'd like to take a few minutes & tell you I've learned my lesson (time management, keeping promises, etc), but I have to go tackle 3 more (late) projects promised to other fine folks..... May they all be as lovely & patient as you, Joy!

If you get the time, please stop by & say hello to Joy here and check out her etsy shop, FreeTimeFun


  1. ((wow, I was first...)) I liked your (Joy's) pendant & necklace. Things take time, it is sometimes hard to accept, hang in there and time will come your way.


  2. I like this..the dusky pink goes well with this font...am sure she'll love it..

  3. It's lovely! I'm sure she will love it and feel it was well worth the wait!

  4. Nice work Stacey! And a GREAT idea, the free giveaway! I may just have to follow suit.

    Thanks so much for the idea, inspiration and continual blogging companionship.

  5. I'm a sucker for anything with musical notes. Great work, Stacey!

  6. I really like the way this pendant turned out!

    I've yet to offer a giveaway on my blog because with everything else I have going on, I fear it would take me too long to mail the prize out. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with time management issues.


  7. Beautiful necklace Stacey. She is going to love this.

  8. :::sigh:::
    It's so pretty...
    So so so pretty....

    I think you may hear my happy shriek 'round the world when it arrives!