Time for a Quickie? It's Random Thoughts Tuesday

mmmm....brains......oops! i mean.....coffee
The Un-Mom is on a zombie kick today....and I soo looove zombies

I think this would be great in the the living room but can't get the family on board. If you're with me or just want a fun read click here for flash version

If you're into mobiles (or ninjas, or pinup girls, or..... The Undead!) you must visit Salty & Sweet - one of my favorite etsians

If you love or hate zombie movies you MUST see Shaun of the Dead . Sick & cheerfully twisted, it's my fave. (DH hates the undead but he liked this 1 too)

I'm sensing a theme here....whoops- back to random:

While looking for a spot to promote Monday's giveaway, I found ... wait for it ... wait for it ... bloggiveaways ! Great list of random freebies & drawings, from an Epson Printer & *ahem* personal massager to burp cloths & chocolates...now that's random!

Oh, if you would like to take a chance on winning some free earrings (see Monday for details) just leave a comment here before noon EST this Saturday. You'll be entered in the random drawing.

ok- how many times did I just type zombie & random? I really need a thesaurus.... or...more....coffee....mmmmmm


  1. LOL! I am going to check out the links now.


  2. omg! I love that "Day of the Saucers" thing.

    I'm never going to live this zombie thing down, am I?

  3. The dh is a huge zombie fan and my 7yr old daughter is too! Oh my! I did really crack up at Shaun of the Dead, though. Great flick.

  4. zombies... hmmm not sure if I like them... Think I watched to many bad B-films in my teens...