Artarazzi Challenge #9 Vintage Beauty

Supposed to be doing some "serious work" tonight, but it was so much more fun to goof off with this great image from the Artazzi challenge! You can do anything with it, as long as it's digital. Pop over & have a go this week if you have the time.

What a fun opportunity to play with some of the public domain stuff I have tucked in the nooks & crannies of my computer. The man is from artfreebies.blogspot.com. The silhouette - publicdomainpictures.net. The telegram has been in my free use folder so long I don't remember where it came from.

The Telegram

Do you find you get a phrase stuck in your head while creating, like you're forming a back story for the characters? Found the gent 1st & he said to me "I remember... she was very beautiful - but her sister ... ooh la la!"

In case the telegram text is hard to read: Reference yesterdays cable lost government money had to cash checque on Parrs at Anglo Egyptian for the amount - Coles


  1. I love that you wove a story about your art. Great fun, and well done.

  2. Lovely piece Stacey I love the theme. I would have loved to have lived in Egypt/Algeria/Morocco during the 20s& 30s.
    I must check out this weeks Artarazzi challenge too.
    I used your watch stock again last night

  3. Love the story and the picture. How intriguing!! You should write the novel.

  4. This is wonderful..and I love the story! He does have that look about him. :-) Very lovely.

  5. Great piece Stacey! I also will get a phrase or snippet of a story stuck in my head. It's interesting to see where they lead. ;-)
    How long do the challenges go for over there, I'm thinking I might want to go play. I could really use some digital play time. :-)

  6. This is amazing looking and a true beauty of imagery
    Hugs June xxx

  7. You parses is just so suitable to you art! Makes the story spin in my head!

    Digital art, have not spend any time doing altered arts digital, fun to watch other and what they can do...


  8. Thanks so much for bringing me back here to see this its fabby and just shows what you can do with public domain pics. Amazing and love the story you made from it. i do that too lol.
    Hugs June x

    ps have saved the image so can add it to the sidebar at freebies soon.
    I like to show the work that people do, when i can :)