And The Winner Is.......

-But before we get to that-

Special thanks to the Metsy Artists who have volunteered to create & donate little houses for the OzBushfire Appeal shop on etsy. If you haven't visited the shop yet, please click the link. All items purchased there have free shipping and 100% of proceeds from sales go to the Australian Red Cross.

There are 14 talented & generous volunteers so far. I will list them in detail with their links tomorrow as today's post needs to be short & sweet, like a little Valentine's Day Chocolate....

Thanks to everyone who commented this week. Quite a turn out for the random drawing! And the Lucky Winner of Celtic Knot's Origami Star Earrings is....

..... cue loyal assistant.....

(enter drum roll here...)

Digital Misfit!

Well, that was fun! Thanks to everyone who commented this week. Keep checking back - I never know when the random giveaway bug will bite again. Hope you all have a lovely day.


  1. Yay me!

    Thank you so much.


  2. I didn't know Stormtroopers were so helpful...

  3. Love your loyal assistant! : )
    Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day!