New Houses! Good Prices ! Great Cause!

Fairies 'Round My House by Heather Holbrook
Read about her house on her
See more of Heathers art at
PisforPaper on etsy

The 1st altered houses for the OzBushfireAppeal shop have been listed for sale. Each house is a one of a kind creation by a different talented artist & was designed specifially to be donated to the Oz shop. 100% of proceeds from every sale goes to the Australian Red Cross. (Since Feb 8 they have made over $15,000 AU). For more details on the shop & the artists involved, click here.

Where My Heart Resides by Nancy Lefko
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See more of Nancy's art at CollageArtGirl
on etsy

To visit a specific house listing, click on any photo on this page. Also, here is the link to the METSY Team Houses section of the shop. Another dozen or so houses to be listed for sale soon.

Flower Cottage by Jen Maddison
Read about Jen on her blog.
See more of her art at jemjoop on etsy

Keep checking back, more houses will be featured here as they are listed in the OzBushfireAppeal shop. Some things to remember (& hopefully send you shopping): your money is going to a great cause, You get to be the proud new owner of a one of a kind piece of art, And there is also Free Shipping on every item. Don't wait too long though as the Oz shop will be shutting down on March 31.

Home Is Where The Heart Is by Pam Carriker
See what Pam is doing on her
See more of her art at
The BagladysArt
on etsy

Originally I wanted to interview each artist, while showcasing their house. But I dropped the ball on this one (hmm... seems to be happening a lot lately). Here's a thought! How about YOU interview them for me ?! Simply leave your questions. I'll gather them into a survey & post the artists' responses in a week or so.... Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Play House by Alisa Norholt-Dean
Read about her house on her blog.
See more of Alisa's art at PrettyLittlePendant on etsy

If you get a chance, please visit the blogs & etsy shops of these generous & talented volunteers. Show them some love & tell them how great they are, k?


  1. thanks for this lovely blog post, Stacey !! We all appreciate your hard work in this fund raising effort !!

  2. Thanks for sharing, they are all so different and all represent a typical style of each artist. If would be fun to hear how the artist describe there style... usually the artist don't see there style the way we who are looking in at it sees it...