Random Thoughts Tuesday

I heard Mr. Cage speak back in '88 or so. He was a trip. His lecture was all over the place. Many people left disappointed. I felt at home. (Whatever that says about me.) Random chance has always made sense.

Here's a clip of him performing Water Walk on a 1960 Game show

Here's a performance of Cage's 4'33" by the BBC Symphony Orchestra many many years later

What I find fascinating is the different reactions

Happy Belated Birthday to Abe Lincoln!He'd have turned 200 on the 12th. Here's a penny from 1809:
I read somewhere It'd be worth $200 today. Wonder what 1 cent bought you in 1809?

Also belated b-day wishes to Charles Darwin, who shares the same birthday as Mr. Lincoln. Here's a cute 200 Birthday Music list for Darwin. You can listen to it while reading Origin of the Species !

I meant to catch these 2 last week but have been busy posting about etsy shop OzBushfireAppeal. If you want to find out about it click thru or check out yesterday's post.

Gotta get the little dude to bed- time to cut this ramble short. So 1 last Happy Birthday - to Tom Ripley! Here's a fun piece from the NY Times about my favorite octogenarian. After reading Patricia Highsmith's The Talented Mr Ripley years ago I was totally hooked & tracked down the other 4 books. I love this guy!

By the way she also wrote Strangers On A Train - If you haven't seen the Hitchcock adaptation & like old thrillers, put it on your Netflix now! Actually, I should go put it on mine. It was a favorite when I was kid but I haven't seen it in at least 25 years.....

Speaking if kids, I've got a cranky 1 who insists he's "not tired!" A sure sign that it's time to go....


  1. are you going to tell me you've actually READ Origin of the Species?

    That makes my Twilight-bashing look awfully pale.

  2. Ha. Sadly I was pretentious (& dweeby) enough to tackle it in my teen years... I think the last 500+ pg book I read was something Harry Potter. Bout the only reading I get done these days is to my kid

  3. Definitely if he insists he's not ready for bed that means he should have been there ten minutes ago! You can tell I'm a mom who hasn't read Origin of the Species!

  4. My blogging is often interrupted by my little ones...must be why I missed your random thoughts on Tuesday! I enjoyed reading about Mr. Ripley. Delightfully random post!

  5. Love Cage's quote!

    So, how did bedtime go?

  6. Love this totally random post. I too am very comfortable with people who jump from topic to topic.

    My kid always says she is hungry when she is tired. I relate.