Monday's Muse -Be Inspired! Make a Difference

February 8th the OzBushFireAppeal shop opened on etsy.

8 days later it has sold 544 items for around $ 10,000 (AU).

100% of Proceeds goes to the Australian Red Cross.

At this writing there are 210 items in stock, with "new items listed almost around the clock..." All items have been donated by Etsians worldwide.

IF YOU ARE ON ETSY and would like to donate an item click here for more information.

IF YOU LIKE TO SHOP get a great handcrafted item (with free shipping ) & donate the full amount of your purchase to a worthy cause.

IF YOU HAVE A MOMENT think - who can you share this info with? Please pass it on. It will only take a minute.

I heard about this shop on Thursday & donated a necklace. Looking around my studio for some art supplies to contribute, I came across some little houses
I was about to donate them when I realized that a one of a kind altered house would fetch more money than a blank one. I put out a call to the gifted members of the METSY Mixed Media Team. I would send each volunteer a house to decorate & they would work their magic. The final pieces will be donated to the Australian wild fire relief shop. So far 14 generous Artists have offered up their time & talent for this project. I am very excited! Please stop by and visit them when you get a chance:

Sheila Bradley - Createitcottageart & Creatitcottage - createitcottage.blogspot.com

Juli Waller - grraphics - grrrdesign.blogspot.com

Aimee Wheaton - mazerdesign & Mazerdesign.com - creativeflutter.blogspot.com

Carmen McCullough - ArtsyJutsu - artsyjutsu.ning.com

Alisa Nordholt-Dean - PrettyLittlePendant - prettylittlependant.blogspot.com

Jen Maddison - jemjoop - emjoop.blogspot.com

Jodi Ohl - lucysweetlucy - sweetrepeats.blogspot.com

Vivian Bonder - desertbloom

Once these talented ladies send me photos of their creations, I will post them here for you to enjoy. I would also like to share a brief interview with each artist, if I can get them to agree. Dunno about you, but I always enjoy reading a bit about the person behind the creation.

Now, what else can you do to help? In addition to the suggestions above, let's get the word out! I'm too behind the times to twitter. So after phone calls & emails, I went the old fashioned route printing up fliers to promote OzBushfireAppeal. Then posted them at my son's school as well as at some local businesses. Will anyone notice them & respond? I don't know. But I had to try.

I truly believe everyone can make a difference. So does FeliciaFairy and The Etsy Dust Team. They are the kind souls behind this generous shop. I don't know what type of response they initially anticipated. Lets blow them away....be generous....go shopping....and spread the word!


  1. This is very cool. I find it extremely generous and admirable when artists donate their works and creations. One often can put a true value on the time put into a creation. I am sure you get double satisfaction from one piece: first when you finish it and second when it serves such a good cause. I actually have my Twitter window open now so I will put the info there. Nice post.

  2. That is so cool! I can't wait to see the finished houses! I have a couple of those that I wanted to decorate for my girls, can't wait for some inspiration.

    Congrats on being so giving, that is awesome!

  3. Very glad to be part of this Stacey! Looking forward to doing my house.

  4. I'm looking forward to get my house and I'm really excited to see what everyone else makes too!


  5. I'm happy to participate in such a worthy cause. I made one of these houses last year and it fetched a nice amount, let's hope I can recreate something similar!!

  6. I am more than happy to help out. My heart goes out to everyone (human and animal) affected by this horrible, horrible event!

    Thanks for the shoutout!

    Jen M.

  7. Great post honey...thanks for starting this project - an inspired idea - looking forward to playing with my little house!

  8. I am happy to help in this cause...thanks for all your time and efforts!

    Looking forward to getting to work on my house :)

  9. happy to help here, looking forward to creating my house ;) thanks stacey!

  10. I haven't forgotten about this...I will post about it!

  11. I'm honored to participate in such a great cause. I'm definitely going to blog about it...oh and I bought that little vintage paper pack...lol...just couldn't pass it up. I highly recommend shopping at the esty store...there are LOTS of wonderful items to choose from and all proceeds benefit the Australian Red Cross.

  12. What a beautiful necklace! And for such a good cause.