Go Shopping! Help Australians In Need & Get Great Stuff!

By now you have heard about the tragic fires in Australia. There is a shop on etsy OzBushfireAppeal.etsy.com that is giving 100% OF THEIR PROCEEDS to the Australian Red Cross.

If you are a shopper, check it out. Free Shipping on everything. Item Categories include:
Accessories, Art, Babies & Children, Bags & Purses, Jewelry, Ladies Clothing, Paper & Cards, Supplies, Vintage and Everything Else. Click on any of these categories to be taken right to it.

All the items are donated by Etsy Sellers. If you are on etsy & would like to donate any item, details are in the Profiles Section of the shop.

I've donated this one of a kind Cameo Butterfly Necklace.
It is only $25 with Free shipping. Click image for more info

Happy Thoughts & Good Wishes to Emma at Feliciafairy.etsy.com & the DUST Team who are running the shop & keeping it stocked with new items "around the clock". Thank you.

I am working with a group of very creative artists from the METSY Team on a series of mixed media houses which will be donated to the OzBushfire shop. I will post pics here as they are completed. The 1st generous folks volunteering their time & talent are:

Please visit these amazing artists at their shops & blogs and tell them how wonderful they are!

I will add to the list as more fabulous artists donate their valuable time & talent. So please check back to see what we are up to.


  1. What a wonderful cause! And what lovely artists! Best of luck and best wishes to the poor folks in Austalia!

  2. Grate that you are doing this, not sure if you like to get hugged but I am sending you a big hug, just because you are you and you care!