Random Tuesday & Giveaway preview!

Looking for info on the Grand Opening Giveaway?
I won't force you to scroll through my rambling today. To celebrate the opening of my etsy Art Supply shop I'm doing a random drawing on Jan 19th. 1 person will get a package of supplies. Just leave a comment this week to be entered. I'm adding stuff to the package as I destash. Here are a few photos :
1 mounted rubber stamp

300 faux rose petals
(I'm sensing a valentine project theme here)

2 metal heart tins with clear lids

There will be a few more items as I keep stocking the shop. There's a heart shaped paper punch & some cool scrapbook papers around here somewhere... Keep peeking back this week to see what else turns up.


I so love Random Thoughts Tuesday.... I like to pretend it justifies my babbling.

1st of all what is it with males & Sponge Bob? If it's on TV my 5 yr old, his dad (& any other guy passing through the house) become zombie couch potatoes. Mostly I find it annoying. Tho I have to admit I was totally rooting for Plankton while doped on cold meds the other day!

Am I the only 1 who is digging the steampunk feel to this season of Backyardigans?

Think I've been watching too many cartoons? Me too

Why is it a battle to get my son in the tub, unless it's my bath? Then the little pest runs ahead of me & jumps in! Tonight I'm going to use this weakness against him...muhahaha

Oh, And I'm madly in love with google books....It is a fabulous source for obscure stuff like forgotten 18th century poets and other wonders.

And lastly, a shout out to the Fun & Fabulous artist Suzan Buckner. Creator of stunning collages, paintings & other wonders, she's been getting published left & right lately.You can also enjoy her latest thoughts & art here! Check it out - fun colorful pieces, a good read & even free downloads - woo hoo!


  1. Hi! Just dropping by to say hello and thanks for the advice you gave me about starting an etsy shop. I'm still thinking about it and mulling it over... considering pieces. Making jewelry is not a natural inclination for me so I think I should have quite a few pieces ready.

  2. It DOES justify your babbling...that's what it's FOR ;)

    Oh, and thanks for the google books reference. I sure don't need to spend more time online, but SO. COOL.

  3. My toddler often refuses to eat unless it's on MY plate. I hate sharing my food. Fortunately, baths she likes. (Didn't really mean to sound like Yoda there, but I did.)

  4. Hey ArtSnark,
    Love your previous post on procrastination or time management, both which I have issues with!
    I am trying, really I am, to overcome both but it's very slow going, lol.
    Oh, and please put me on your list for the giveaway :)

  5. I'm a HUGE fan of Google Books - when I was doing some research on the cemeteries I photograph it was invaluable for some really unusual snippets of information.
    There are some wicked magazines on there too - vintage science ones that I just oggle the images of!

  6. I love your blog, Stacey...you always have interesting (and often funny) things to share :) Fingers crossed on your cool giveaway :)

  7. Hi sweetie!! Love your ramblings and I hear ya about Sponge Bob. My grandson and my hubby both get sucked in when it comes on. I checked out your new ETSY shop and it is so cool. Some great supplies you have there. Oh! And I will have to check out the Google books thingy...had no idea!! And I am totally interested in your giveaway!! LOL
    You are a gem
    Hugs to you

  8. I remember never getting any private time in the bathroom when my kids were young! Thank the lord they were older by the time sponge bob and even Barney came along!

    Fun giveaway!

  9. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I enjoyed looking through your work. The materials you use are fantastic--I like your combination of color and texture.

  10. Google Books ??!! Where have I been ?? Sounds great. Will have to check it out (as if I don't spend too much time on-line as it is).
    SpongeBob is the ultimate underdog. That is why it appeals to the male psyche.
    I got started watching it with my little niece. There's a girl in the boy's club every now and then.
    It is actually a very original cartoon.
    The Backyardigans are way cool. Sorta old school. They have to use their imaginations, like we all had to do eons ago before the days of Xbox, Nintendo and all such electronic playgrounds.

    Cool stuff on your giveaway. Is your assistant going to to the draw??


  11. Hi! Thanks for your giveaway! Love your blog!

    Happy New Year and Artful Blessings,

    P.S. Stop by my blog for my Blogiversary giveaway and again next week for my OWOH giveaway!

  12. I cannot thank you enough for the advice and inspiration you have given me in the past..... Hope your Color The Sky shop is a huge success!!

  13. I'm definitely going to have to check out google books. I'm off to check out your supply store now.

  14. Just stopping in to say Aloha! Procrastination and time management now that's a mouthful and so descriptive of me. See I'm getting in at the last minute for your giveaway! LOL! Off to check out your new shop.

  15. What a great idea! Who doesn't love a giveaway... and thanks for sharing the Google Books site. Never heard of it, but I'm certainly going to go check that out now! :)

  16. Hi Stacey -

    Nice new shop you have! Lots of great goodies ... it has been a long time since I needed to watch cartoons and share baths ... but I feel your pain!

    Never had heard of google books - interesting. And please enter me in your giveaway.

    ~ Diane Clancy

  17. Don't you think for one moment that we(I) don't love to read what you call "babbling"... We(I) love it! Keep up the good work!