Monday's Muse: Jamie Ribisi-Braley wants YOUR story

Morning All - How're ya doin? Hope you're off to a good week

Over at Maternal Spark (where I sometimes get my dose of "weekly inspiration") Heather is feeling restless. Perhaps she'd be interested in artist Jamie Ribisi-Braley's new project.

I heard about Jamie's Call For Stories last week & thought (a) How cool is that?! & (b) That would make a great post for Monday's Muse. SO check it out - here's the post:

I need YOUR story for a new art project!

So, I'm working on a new art project. I'd like to have other people help me by sharing your stories and photos. This can be about you or you can enlist someone else to submit their info to me. ((Feel free to pass on this info!))

Here's a vague idea-- I don't want to taint it with details so I'm trying to keep it simple:

Tell me how you feel tied down and/or rooted to something/someone/place/whatever OR how you have felt knocked down.

It can be a good or a bad thing.
It can be sad, funny, plain, or grand.
A story of any length will work (one sentence or a long story).
This can be anonymous to the world or have your name and location attached, your choice.
I need a clear photograph of the participant which I will slightly alter to work with my project.

Email me the above and if I will send you a release form so that I can use your story & image. jamieribisi {at} gmail.com

Pretty cool, huh?

I've been a fan of Jamie's art since I stumbled onto her etsy shop

At first it was the quality of line & vibrant colors that caught my eye

Then I noticed a fun touch of whimsy to certain pieces, like the Amount of Tea I Drink In A Week series created in encaustic, wood & tea.

I'd also like to mention that Jamie lives in Manchester, Maine where she runs an artists retreat Sweetland Retreat. Click on the link for more info. In addition to lists of classes, there are some pics of her renovations & even a live webcam. Beautiful part of the country (but I am biased, as I grew up nearby).

Back the project - I found the whole thing intriguing so I asked Jamie for a little more info to share:

JRB: This project slowly started coming into my mind when I was collecting sawed off tree limbs from some dead trees in my yard. As I picked them up I began to think that they looked like people and I starting thinking of the stories that they could each tell me. How they were all so different and so old, yet they all were made of the same parts. I planned on transferring images of the people whose stories I'm collecting onto each piece of wood and then using mixed media to enhance the pieces. I'll be attaching tags to them with their stories and may even get some multi-media going in conjunction with my husband, who is a media artist. I'd like to try to introduce some video & audio into an installation gallery setting once it's all complete.

JRB: I just opened up an Artist Retreat in Maine, Sweetland Retreat. I've heard so many stories from instructors, artists, and other visitors about their lives and their trials. This got me thinking that it would be interesting to tell their stories as part of my project. I've started collecting stories and would love to have some more from people that I know as well as people that I've never met.

JRB: Part of the work will be made with encaustic paint, which I've been using as my primary medium of choice lately (because it's REALLY addicting!) Encaustic preserves and encapsulates what you put inside of it and, because of that, I thought it really lent itself well to my idea. There's a long way to go before realizing the project but it all starts right now with the collection of the stories....which may very well prove to be my favorite part!

Rainbow Party Pack Handmade Encaustic Wax Paint set of 9 Made by Jamie Ribisi-Braley

By the way, Jamie makes her own encaustic medium, which she uses in her art & also sells on etsy. Click the above photo for more info.

So, Doesn't that like a cool project? How about giving Jamie a hand & send an email to jamieribisi {at} gmail.com with your story & photo. I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with, aren't you?

Want to find out more about Jamie's world & art? Check out these links:




  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I can't wait to read the stories!

    And don't hesitate to email me any questions about it.

  2. Jamie's work is awesome!! And the Retreat sounds heavenly. I will have to think of some of my stories and see which one I feel like sharing.
    Thanks hun

  3. This is pretty cool. I'd really be interested to see the resulting work of the submitted stories. ... And her work is fab!

  4. THIS IS AWESOME STACEY! So glad to see your keeping up with your art and "that life is good"!!

  5. What a fun project! I'm going to see if I can get something together for it...

  6. 'Reclining Figure' is amazing!

  7. OH! And I should tell you Stacey that Jamie tried to teach me to do encaustics once. I didn't do as well as I hoped with it, but one day I plan on doing it again with her....I don't give up so easily!!! If anyone in Maine is interested in this medium, you should check out her classes at Sweetland Retreat!

  8. I love Jamie's work, too! The story idea is very intriguing.

  9. What an awesome project idea! Lovely work too.

    Food for thought.. hmm... been knocked down so many times it's hard to choose.. lol

  10. I will have to think of some of my stories and see which one I feel like sharing.

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