Visit with Julie Brown of Wabi Brook Studio + Free Print Giveaway

Hey there! How have you been? We've got a new visitor today, Julie Brown of Wabi Brook Studio. Julie works in a variety of mediums, from paint & pencil to metal & fire. Her fine art and jewelry is often inspired by nature. Julie's creations "reflects (her) love of the land and the creatures that live on it."

Julie has Wabi Brook Studio shops
online at both Etsy and icraft. Just click the links to visit. Also check out her website & blog for more great pieces. Plus throughout this post you can click on an image for more info.

Hi, Julie. Thanks for stopping by today. What would you like to share about yourself and your art?

JB: "I
am a mostly self-taught artist, wife, mother, (mostly) retired equestrian trainer/coach, menagerie manager, metal worker, paint pusher, chief cook and bottle washer, earth child, student of life, photographer. "

How long have you been making art & jewelry?

"I began drawing, painting and making jewelery about 6 years ago. I was recovering from a serious health issue, wasn't able to continue my career as a self-employed horse and rider trainer, and was looking for something to do to keep busy. What started as a form of therapy, soon evolved into a business, and now I am a full time artist."

Piccolo - Original Pastel Horse by Julie Brown

What inspires you?

JB: "I live on a working horse and sheep farm in rural northern Ontario. I can look out any window in my house and see fields and forests, water and wildlife - including bear and wolves! So my work is very much inspired by nature - and fueled by tea and chocolate! The darker the chocolate the better. Milk chocolate just doesn't cut it when I need some creative energy!"

Sunset On Pasture Hill by Julie Brown

Can you tell us a little about your creative process?

JB: "I create intuitively, beginning with the end in mind, but never knowing the route I will take, or even if I will end up where originally planned. My creative process is often tortuous, sometimes free flowing, always interesting."

JB: "I am mostly self-taught, but I do try to get away to take weekend and week-long art and metal-working courses whenever I can. A couple of years ago, At the ripe young age of 49 I went back to college and took a Drawing and Painting Studio Certificate at the Haliburton School of the Arts. I wasn't sure about leaving my family for 4 months, but my husband pushed me into going, and my teenage daughter thought it was very cool! So, I did it, and it was an exhausting, humbling, amazing experience that made me feel for the first time that I could truly call myself an artist ."

What is the best thing about being an artist?

JB: "I love what I do. I play with fire, hit things really hard, throw paint around - and no-one tells me to stop! It doesn’t get any better than this."

Thanks for stopping by today, Julie!

And thank you, readers, for stopping by too. Now I've got a little something to share with you. Julie is this week's Thursday Giveaway sponsor. She has generously donated 1 of her fine art prints, Yellow Coneflowers for next Thursday's random drawing. To Enter, just leave a comment on this blog before 1 a.m. on 10/12. 1 winner will be randomly picked & posted sometime Thursday morning (10/12). I'll be out of town that day so the usual noontime draw is inconvenient. Contest is open to USA & Canada - prize ships free.

JB: "Coneflowers are one of my favorite flowers. Not only are they lovely to look at, they have many healing qualities. We always have some growing in our gardens. They are also about the only flower that I have been successful at painting!

This open edition giclee reproduction is professionally printed with archival inks on fine art paper. It is signed on the front. The image size is slightly smaller than 10" x 8" leaving a small white border to allow for matting and framing. Note: the copyright information will not be on your print."

Want to see more of Julie's art? How about her studio? CLICK HERE for a grand tour of this talented artist's creative space. You can also visit her links:

Website: http://www.wabibrookstudio.com
ICraft Shop: http://www.Icraft.ca/wabibrookstudio
Etsy Shop: http://www.WabiBrookStudio.etsy.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wabibrookstudio
Facebook: http://artist.to/wabibrookstudio
Blog: http://www.wabibrookstudio.com/wordpress

You can also find her art at
Soul Sister Creations in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Thanks again for popping today. Hope the rest of your day is fabulous!


  1. Thank you Stacey for the lovely feature. I'm excited about the giveaway, too. I always enjoy winning one, but it is just as much fun being on the giving end!

  2. A very enjoyable interview with an interesting artist. I love the horse!

  3. Amazing work, all of it. I especially love anything done with animals, right up my alley!

  4. I've seen Julie before, I'm not sure where, maybe etsy, but I recognized Jazz! Great talent Julie, in many mediums! Thanks Stacey!

  5. Thanks Stacey. Always interesting things going on over here. You are very generous, indeed.

  6. Thanks Stacey. Always interesting things going on over here. You are very generous, indeed.

  7. I love the variety of artists interview! It's very inspiring for me to read about someone who took four months to study art at the age of 49. I'd love to do that someday when my children are older!

  8. I just "met" Julie through the iCraft bootcamp- nice to have discovered your blog along the way too Stacey:-) Great interview and lovely work!!

  9. Hi!!! Very cool and Awesome blog!!!! :)))

  10. Very beautiful work! I'm especially fond of Gotta Dance.

  11. Hi Stacey,
    My first time stopping by and love the art and your featured artist, Thanks, very inspiring! Chris

  12. You do amazing work Julie! As a fellow equestrian, I especially loved your horse pieces. Keep up the great work!
    Thanks for the interview Stacey.

  13. Julie's work is stunning!! And bravo to her for her journey!! So inspiring! Thanks for sharing

  14. WOW!!! Julie certainly creates some gorgeous art & in so many mediums!!!
    I'd love to win this beautiful print....coneflowers are a favorite of mine, as well!!!