Fun Vintage Finds on Etsy

Some people live for the Black Friday sales at the malls. I am not one of them. I hate crowds & so have enjoyed browsing this weekend's sales at Etsy. While I am addicted to art, I also like trolling the vintage section. Here are a few fun vintage finds that also have free shipping through Cyber Monday.

I used to manage a ginormous antiques shop many years ago. My eccentric boss drove me batty, but he loved to shop and used to bring in the coolest stuff. On the weekends he'd buy an entire estate in order to get the 1 piece that caught his eye.

Super Shiney 1972 Airstream Sovreign Land Yacht from CallMeChula
(this 1 doesn't have free shipping but it made me smile so here it is)

Then my co-workers & I would have to sort through it all. The operation was quite large. There was a repairs annex for all sorts of damaged stuff. The main shop was larger that many antique malls I've been to. It was filled with 25 years worth of "treasures".

When there were no customers, I would open swollen drawers & dusty cabinets and find all sorts of things.

1916 Tatting Booklet from SewVintageLadies

Sometimes I still dream at night that I'm exploring the shop. When business was slow, I'd crank up one of the victrolas, pick up a turn of the century newspaper and sink into the restored barrel back chair I coveted (I almost cried the day it sold, silly I know).

Natural Sine WW1 Military Compass by tntartglass

But enough tripping down memory lane - I'm off to bed. If you have some time on your hands, go see what you can find. If you are unfamiliar with Etsy, click through the link & then use the drop down bar to find vintage.

If you are searching for something specific, you may want to try several descriptive words as the search can be a bit wonky (& at times overwhelming). But just have fun! Who knows, maybe you'll find the perfect thing you didn't even know you needed.

Early 1900s Sterling Mesh Miniature Finger Purse by PheobeDelia

For those seeking a Saturday Studio Tour, please come back next week - I'll be showcasing a new creative space. There was a last minute cancellation this week. Sorry - I should have had a backup plan. sigh. Next time.

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  1. Wow, that would be such a cool job. I often think about the original owner of the piece I'm handling. What drew it to them, and how much did they treasure it.

  2. That sounds like a great job! You must have came across tons of neat stuff!!

  3. It must have been so exciting to go through all those treasures!! Nice finds here too :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your great finds and your fun memories....my Dad was a watch and clock repairman and an antiques wheeler and dealer, so I grew up in a house with a similarly eccentric inventory. Odd things always coming and going, very magical! I want that Airstream!!!

  5. I'd go nuts working in an antique store....my salary would disappear 5 minutes after being handed my weekly paycheck! You must have loved it!! Thanks for sharing such cool finds!

  6. I think I want them all...lol. This is a very impressive selection.

  7. Love the selections you have picked. Thanks for taking me down memeory lane. Carol F

  8. Love those vintage postcards :) Im going to go have a looksie myself!

  9. I love the Airstream. Too bad we can't get a peek at the inside.LOL
    Fun way to spend Black Friday.

  10. I've never heard of a finger purse but apparently I really need one, now that I see this photo you posted!

  11. I agree wholeheartedly...hate the shopping centres...would much rather shop online...and the etsy vintage section is a favourite...just wish shipping to Australia wasn't so expensive. And I love the sound of that job...I can understand why you'd dream about it... Hope you have a lovely week dear girl....

  12. What fun items you have found! And working at the antique shop sounds ideal! What fun!

  13. Hello:

    I just ran across your blog and realized that I know your work from Etsy.

    I adore all the vintage finds that you have listed. I collect vintage photos and am always looking at cool vintage "stuff" on Etsy.

    If you have a spare moment, stop by my blog. I'm having a give-away for some of my art prints.

    Gerushia's New World