RTT - From New Blue to Old Booze

Hey there.

Sorry I've been scarce. Haven't had much time for blogging or art lately. Another week of running around & things should be back to normal. Luckily it is Random Thoughts Tuesday so there's no need for normal today....


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Today's coolest news: Chemists have accidentally invented a New Blue. Click the pic (from the NY Times) to read the article in today's science section. (If the NYT link is acting fussy, you can also read about it HERE)

A few days ago, 1 of my favorite bloggers,Choklit Chanteuse, featured 1 of my favorite puppet masters, Crankbunny. Click Here for Choklit's post. Be sure to watch Crankbunny's short video explaining "Why I make handmade goods".

I bought this fun book, Paper Puppet Palooza, a year ago. Crankbunny (a.k.a. Norma V. Toraya) has put together a great selection of instructions, templates & even a fun gallery of other artists' pieces. If you have an interest in less traditional paper dolls or just a love of whimsy, you need to check out this book.

I know I've raved about LittleRobot before (& I am sure I will again). Lindsey Carr, the talent that is Little Robot, is now selling prints & posting her work over at Society6. I gave into my art addiction & ordered a copy of her gorgeous painting The Fox Confessor.

You can see more of Little Robot's wonderful artwork & catch her blog over at littlerobot.org.uk/.

If you like art & have some time to browse, Society6 has a lot going on. There is a fabulous variety of art being shown & sold. I'm having a grand time looking around over there. Check out this fun illo from Harry Nesbitt:

Fools Rush In by Harry Nesbitt

I've started a page over there too (though there's not much on it yet) - www.society6.com/ArtSnark.

For some reason I am fascinated by the excavation of Shackelton's whiskey. As a kid I was really into the race for the South Pole. Or maybe I just watched Carpenter's version of The Thing too many times.

In fact I may just need to pour a whiskey & watch it again - it's one of those movies that always seems to be on late at night. There's a version that was cleaned up for USA or one of those channels in the 80s, so all the curses have been dubbed over with something silly. Just adds to the fun...

Well, all right, I'm outa here - hope you all have a wonderful week! By the way, if you haven't entered the 12/3 random drawing for a $10 gift certificate to my etsy shops, just leave a comment & you're in. Click Here for prize details & shop links. There will be 2 winners.


  1. That "new" blue looks like neon blue to me, but maybe it's my monitor?

  2. I'm with Joy... it looks neon blue to me.

  3. I agree, it doesn't really look new in the picture. I guess they'd know, though, right?

    And I'm with you on Shackleton's whiskey.

  4. the new blue, doesn't look new... great RTT

  5. Society6 looks pretty cool - will have to check it out more. The "new" blue - well new or not it's pretty!
    Great blog and art!

  6. I remember the original Thing...at the time is was really scary! LOL!
    Love the new blue!