Mix It Up With Melange Challenge - CHANGE

Hey there. How've you been? I've been a bit overwhelmed with life lately - leaving blogging & art by the wayside more than I'd like. But I think I've got things sorted out once again.

This week's Melange prompt is Change. The 1st thing that comes to mind is Alchemy. I've been rather obsessed with the idea of transmuting one thing into another as far back as I can recall. I think I've mentioned The alchemy website before but its an interesting read & has some cool art.

The pic on the top, Time Traveler, is my response to the challenge - I printed a digital collage & then went over it with pencil, markers, watercolor pencil, & ink. Started with a photo taken literally 1/2 of a lifetime ago. The big Four-Oh is next week. Don't ask me how; last time I looked I was only 2o. Talk about change!

When I'm messing with a piece I often listen to music. Sometimes I have a specific tune or musician in mind to set the mood. Other times (like last night) I go random till something gets the fingers flowing & then play it to death. (Just a little obsessive, but it works for me). Last night Sondre Lerche's Like Lazenby seemed to hit the spot. Perfect theme song for me lately too...

If you like listening to Sondre, have you checked out his Tiny Desk Concert on NPR video? CLICK HERE & then click on the video to play. I really enjoyed it. There's also a great interview from All Things Considered where he explains George Lazenby as muse, among other things - you can find it HERE (pop through & then click the listen now icon. The whole interview is good listen but the Lazenby bit is about 5 minutes in)

By the way, Time Traveler measures 5" x 7" and is mounted in an 8" x 10" acid free mat. It is now available in my ArtSnark etsy shop with free shipping and your choice of mat color.

Want to see more interpretations of change or add your own? Click Here to visit the Melange Team Blog and go to the comment section.

But before you go, check out tomorrow's prize - Harry Boardman's matted print Sunset Parking Lot, which will be given to 1 lucky winner at noon tomorrow (10/5). You can see the print at the bottom of Thursday's post. To enter this random drawing just leave a comment on this blog before then.


  1. Really nice piece, Stacey! And in case next week sneaks up...wishing you an early happy birthday! 40's a nice round number....but my poor dad will be 81 next week...so I'd prefer 40! Ha ha!

  2. Stacey, you always have the most interesting art.

  3. Super piece Stacey! Yes, life does have a way of stopping us in our creative tracts. Thankfully, we find our way back. Whew!!