Runaway Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hey there? How have you been?

I haven't RTTed in what feels like forever. I'd say I've been too busy, but how hard it it to toss some random bits in a pot & let it simmer? Oh wait that's Stone Soup. Well, same idea, just don't get any celery stuck in the keyboard...

Am in a bit of a rush though so here are a few fun finds. You may have seen them around - if so scroll to the bottom & go see what The Un Mom has been up to.

Love this stop-motion animated papercutting video - thanks to All About Papercutting for pointing it out

Many thanks to Glenda of TwoCoolTexans for sharing the link to American Science & surplus. They sell everything from robot parts to squirrel underpants - talk about 1 stop shopping!

And to Choklit for pointing out the Guardian interview with Helene Bonham Carter on life with Tim Burton - "We're the bonkers couple"

Gotta run but 1st a question - remember flip books?? You can find some fun ones over at fernandafrick.etsy.com & on the matching blog The Thumb Cinema (love the name!). Here's a fun peek at some of the books in action:

Need some more random goodness?


Grab a button & click yourself over to The Un Mom, where all the chaotic kids hang out.

But....before you go, have you signed up for my 2 newest random drawing? If no, clickety-click for details.

2/25 prize is this Over The Rainbow Bracelet by Kim Smith

3/10 prize is 500 custom printed business cards from Uprinting.com

All set? Now get outta here - shoo! This week I'm hooked on the anime Blood+ and have to go get my fix now.


  1. Flip books are so much fun!

    I don't remember if I entered the bracelet giveaway...but I do remember that I love Kim Smith's bracelets! They are gorgeous!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Good grief...so many things to look at and investigate! Thanks honey!

  3. Wow I loved both the paper cutouts and the little flip book..you always have so much to offer here...(((Hugs)))

  4. Love the paper cutting video! That is so cool!! I am going to borrow it and post it on my blog with a link back to you. Hope that is okay?
    Hugging you