Studio Tour #21: Liz-Anna's Lakeside studio

Hi there. How are you? Ready to go?

Today we are off to British Columbia. No, not for the Olympics. We've been invited to visit the lakeside studio of artist Liz-Anna Waugh. I first met this creative lady on Etsy where she has an online shop, LizAnnasOnTheLake. Pop on over when you get a chance - you will find an assortment of handmade paper, cards, and mixed media art.

Liz-Anna makes her paper out of all sorts of materials, from recycled materials to plant fibers. She also creates with dried flowers, twigs, and even moose poo ... yep, you heard me right. Now that is some serious recycling! Click on the moose photo to find out more about this unique process.

photo by August Meutzner (& nicked from Liz-Anna's blog)

Well, it looks like she is ready to show us around, so let me get out of the way.

LA: My studio was the first room in our new house to be finished. In fact, there is still much to do in the rest of the house but, as long as I have my creative space, I'm happy.

Designing a space to accommodate everything I do was a challenge. I struggled between my desire for a space that is fully functional and one that is aesthetically pleasing. There had to be some compromises as I realized that, to make the space fill all my needs, form had to follow function.

LA: My studio is constantly evolving and changing as I gather new ideas for storage and organization from blogs like this one and magazines dedicated to creative spaces (Cloth Paper Scissors Studios and Somerset Studio's Where Women Create). The arrival of one of these publications usually inspires me to re-organize something or, at the very least, to give my studio a good cleaning.

So, join me for a tour. I'll show you how I try to make everything work in my 16' x 17' space.

LA: This is my studio. I can look out at the lake from every workstation and the windows let in lots of light which is very important to me.

LA: Sewing area. Baskets hold my small dyed and printed pieces sorted by colour and type (batik, devore', marbled, etc) and larger baskets under the table hold large fabric pieces.

LA: Art and scrapbooking area. I'm an art supply junkie so I like lots of shallow drawers and tool caddies. No digging to find things. I love this old drafting table!

LA: Wet area. I have a hot plate here and a nice deep sink. This is where I make paper, dye fabric, make soap, body butters, and lip balm, and dip candles.

LA: Office area. Shelves house all my books and other reference materials. My computer supplies and peripherals, packaging, and bookkeeping are within easy reach. The large flat file stores papers, collage elements, pressed flowers and beading supplies.

LA: This antique armoire is the perfect mini-shop to store finished goods waiting to sell.

Thanks for showing us around your studio space, Liz-Anna. You have some fantastic storage. And what a view!

There's Always A Way Out by Liz-Anna Waugh

Thank you, readers, for stopping by. Pop back in 2 weeks for a new studio tour. In the meantime, want to see more of Liz-Anna's organic art or read about her creative processes? Select the links below:





  1. What a gorgeous workspace! I am so envious. And lovely creations, and charming mooses.

  2. What a fine studio and set up. I'd imagine this place to be ideal for quite a bit of inspiration!

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  5. Thank you so much for featuring my studio, Stacey! It was fun.

  6. Great tour, Stacey. Liz-Anna, it was wonderful to see your studio -- so great to see where your beautiful artwork is made!

  7. Yes gorgeous space - I would never be able to take my eyes off the view! Very well organized too, I'm jealous. Thanks for the great tour Stacey and LizAnna!

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  10. LizAnna, I think I'm gonna come move in! What a wonderful space and the view leaves me speechless.

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  12. Wonderful work LA! And so nice to see you again. Hugs, cheryl j.