Musical Monday's Muse - Games People Play

I'm a bit late today
but it is still Musical Monday
so grab the button & play along!

What is moving you this week?

I'm having fun with last week's Mixed Media Monday prompt, Games People Play. Trying to think of some apt music when this little earworm gave my brain a tickle.

I have to agree with spyspace666 - pirates do make it better!

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Games People Play WIP part 2

Here is the next phase of my GPP. Should be done soon.
Can you guess where I'm going with this?


  1. that was so fun!!!! and your piece is beautiful!!

  2. oooooow, intriguing :)

    Hey Stacey, I am having a "Blog Love Fest" on my blog today, passing along the blog awards I received last week. I wanted to include you :)

    Happy Monday, have a great evening, regards, T.

  3. No, where are you going with this? Dominoes?