Sunday Secrets

Do you like participating in online art challenges?

Some venues post the upcoming prompt ahead of schedule, so peek in the day before & get a head start.

Mixed Media Monday posts on Sunday - they even give a heads up on the following week in the margin. Click Here for a sneak peek but hurry back - I'll wait.........

Last week's prompt was Games People Play. I got a head start but had to set it aside till today. Still waiting for stains & glue to dry. Paper part is done though:

The fun vintage images are from quaddles vintage stock on DeviantArt & the sheet music is from Chrysti Hydeck's "Free For You" flickr stock. I've added misc watercolors, marker, colored pencil & ink.

By the way, have you tried these Cat's Eye fluid chalk ink pads? Got this tip from Nancy Lefko. She teaches some fantastic online classes over at Creative Workshops.

Do you ever visit The Altered Page? It's the blog of Mixed Media artist Seth Apter. There is always something wonderful to take in over there: striking photos, collaborative projects, and my favorite:

Secret Sunday features artists' tips on all things creative. Click the above button to check out installment #11. This post is extra cool - it is an "Open House". All visitors are encouraged to leave an artsy secret in the comments section.

Check it out & find new uses for shoe polish, teabags & other unusual art supplies. Plus lots of tips for keeping The Muse happy too.

While you're there leave a secret of your own. I left a couple tips from my days in the restoration biz that I still use in art (& around the house) today.

But before you go, have you signed up for the newest random drawings?

On 2/11 one lucky winner takes home 5 Curious Hearts faux vintage papers from stton.etsy.com - Click Here For Details

On 2/15 hundreds of bloggers participating in the One World One Heart giveaway will be picking random winners. I'm giving away my Original Watercolor Climbing. Click Here for Details


  1. I like your collage - ESPECIALLY with that title! Would not have thought of interpreting the theme like that! :D

  2. I really like what you did with Chrysti's images Stacey!

  3. Beautiful collage!!! I love it!

  4. Thanks so much for getting the word out about Secret Sundays!!