A couple - o - interviews today

1st I want to apologize.

I feel the blog has been a little meh lately. Can you believe that Life has been interfering with not only art-time but blogging too?! Sheesh...... hopefully things will slow down in a couple of weeks so I can get my groove back. But enough of that.

Bit of a drive by tonight - running late on a prior commitment but I really want to pop in & share links to a couple of interviews.

Etsy's Blog, The Storque, has a great
interview with Victoria founder of the Hearts For Haiti online store. (By the way HFH sent its 2nd payment to Doctors Without Borders - you can see it on their blog. Thanks to all who have donated & shopped. More items are still being added daily)

Also, if you'd like to read about the volunteers working behind the scenes to keep the Hearts For Haiti store going visit the blog & look for the links on the right side

January's Wish has one with photographer/jewelry designer Jude McConkey. And this one comes with a drawing you can enter!

Remember artist Steve Loya? (He stopped in a few weeks ago for an artist feature & studio tour) He's started posting interviews on his blog, Go Flying Turtle & Lucky Me! I got the 1st spotlight!

Thanks for stopping by! I wish everyone a fantastic weekend!

P.S. IllustrationFriday's prompt is Focused. Pop over & check out all the fun interpretations and add your own if you're feeling creative!


  1. Hey Stacey, thanks for participating! More people should see your work!

  2. Great interview Stacey! Thanks Steve, enjoying both blogs!

  3. Stacey, I know how you feel. For some reason, in January I always find myself with a mile-long list of To-Do, most of it having nothing to do with my art or blog. In fact, I vowed to dedicate this weekend totally to getting through some of that list. (And here I am, online ...) Don't worry, be happy ... your fans will wait for you.

  4. You have a great weekend, also!

  5. Thanks for all the links here. A great weekend to you too!

  6. I have been so busy too! A friend of mine said that he decided that the first of the year begins Feb. 1st. January just went by too quickly and he still had stuff left to do from December. He might have a good point here. LOL!!
    Take good care

  7. So many interesting links as always Stacey Girl....thank you...

  8. So many fabulous links- the hearts for Haiti is especially inspiring. Thanks for sharing!