Musical Monday - Bitter Coffee

Morning all.
Listening to NIL this musical Monday morning so thought I'd share.

If you have a few minutes, pop on over to Good Mourning Glory & see what others are listening to. While you're feeling all bloggy why not grab a button & post your own tunes. Don't forget to add a link over at GMG...

There are some fun art challenges out there this week - My responses are done in my head, but not sure how many will make it into reality.... How about you? Wanna play?

Mixed Media Monday's prompt is Something New

Created by Hand is doable . It is a "freebie" week. Make whatever you like just post it soon.

The Melange blog has 2 challenges going on right now (anyone can enter):
1 ) altered bottle/jar - there will be a random drawing on 1/22 from all who enter this one. The winner gets a copy of the book Printmaking & Mixed Media by Dorit Elisha
2) Illuminating (prompt will change to something new on Wed.)

Theme Thursday is Paris

Illustration Friday is Confined

Art On The Darkside (Saturday) is A Haunted Castle

Gotta run. If you play along with any of these fun challenges & feel like dropping me a link, I'd love to see what you've been up to! If I get around to creating for any of them, I'll be back with a new post later today. Don't hold your breath though. Mondays tend to be crazy-busy around here.

Before you go, have you signed up for the newest random drawings yet? CLick links for details:

On 1/14 1 lucky winner takes home a copy of Steve Loya's Splotch Monster Compendium Vol.1, a postcard & 1 ACEO.

On 1/16 one winner gets 250 custom printed business cards from Uprinting.com (not too many entries for this one yet so your odds are really good)

Ok, now shoo! Have fun. Be creative & try not to get into too much trouble.....the week has only just started, you know (wink wink)


  1. cool song - i've never heard it! man, i wish i could take part in some of those challenges! will my life ever calm down??!!

  2. That is definitely a song for me!! I love my morning coffee...I need it! LOL!!
    Hugging you

  3. Fun article! I love my coffee too!Thanks for the great tips on challenges available. I think just getting ready for Valentines Day will be my challenge for now!But I will definitely check them out!

    Tracey :-)

  4. I never heard of NIL, but that's groovy little tune. It's perfect for a sleepy Monday morning.

    Happy MM!

  5. Very psychedelic and relaxing kind of the opposite of Coffee!
    Happy MM!

  6. I've never heard that song and I don't recall ever hear of that group (artist?). An-t-way, thanks for sharing and happy Monday.

  7. I liked listening to Bitter Coffee. Very laid back!

  8. They sound like I feel early in the morning..and I don't even drink coffee...

  9. I had to laugh how you said you have things done in your head...I do that a lot and often, it's good to leave em there :)

  10. Fun post - great challenges, too. I always look forward to reading your blog. Thanks!