A Tale Of Two Candlesticks

"What did you make of it, Tom?"

"Nothing at all, Joe."
"That's a coincidence, too, for I made the same of it myself."

- from A Tale Of Two Cities by C.Dickens

Once Upon A Time
There were 2 hammered copper candlesticks

Their first companion was a door to door salesman.

Sometime in the 1960s they tired of traveling and settled down in a cozy house in the peaceful town of Westford Mass. Originally these holders propped up a pair of copper faux candles. The candles had a hollow center & propane was used to light them. For many years they were useful and happy together.

Then one day they were no longer lit
but instead were packed away and forgotten.

Time passed.... Then finally something happened.

These candlesticks saw the sun for the first time in over 30 years! They awoke to find themselves surrounded by some sort of market festival. Sadly, on this same day they were separated from their candles forever. The candles found a new home & the candlesticks returned to the dark.

While resting they traveled 1300 miles. One day they were taken out of their box, photographed & returned to storage. Little did they know that things were about to change forever.....

They were put up for sale on Etsy.com. Then Natalie Jo of Piccalilli Patchwork stumbled upon their photo and decided to take them home......

...... to Westford, Mass.

So, after 40 years and another 1300 miles, those candlesticks returned to their hometown. But their adventure was not over yet....

Natalie Jo loves to sew and she had a commission to fill

so those candlesticks now have a new wardrobe

And a new home in the front window of Candlelite Quilts

In Chelmsford, Mass -
only 8 miles from where this story started.


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  1. A wonderful story. So glad the candlestick holders now have a lovely home in the sunshine.

  2. What an adorable story and cute use of those candle holders!

    Very sweet indeed :)

  3. What an imaginative way to use those candlesticks! I love "makeovers"!

  4. These are so adorable! so creative. Love your little story to go with them.

  5. Great story, Stacey. We have good friends in Westford and my dentist is in Chelmsford...I'll have to look for that quilt shop!

  6. I love this story! The end product is fantastic!

  7. Wonderful story! I'm sure the candlesticks are feeling quite happy and fulfilled now!

  8. What a great story! And so creative!

  9. I love the tale of the two candlesticks! It's so whimsical! The shop looks adorable, too!

  10. What a delightful story and what a cute solution!

  11. Oh how I just love this story...thank you for sharing, the thoughts, and smile!


  12. What a lovely conclusion to the candle holders' odyssey! They are so beautiful!

  13. Oh Stacey! What a lovely telling of the story. I can't wait to share it with my friends from Candlelite...natalie jo

  14. How cute! When I saw the first picture the Nutcracker immediately popped into my head My sister and I used to see the play every Christmas and then re-enact when Clara went searching for her toy late at night holding a candle holder like these.