Almost Wordless Wednesday - "I Am Slappy"

How a 6 yr old Floridian imagines snow

Translation: I Am Sleepy. My Back Hurts

Who knew being a snowman was so rough?


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  1. Haha! This is too funny! "Slappy" was one of my nicknames in college too, so I instantly laughed when I saw the title.

  2. Well, after shoveling it you are sleepy and have a sore back.

  3. ohhhh, I love this!!! This is wonderful Linda! Thanks for sharing this...i will be back lots to see all that is in here....ADORABLE!! Thanks, Katrina

  4. ok, now, i can say it again! This is wonderful Linda...i'm gonna get this in here for real! You're amazing! kat

  5. LOve it! My 4yr old is really into art too! We are having so much fun!

  6. Glad you all enjoyed it.

    My 6 yr old has asked me to start putting some of his art on my blog & he'll love reading your reactions