Studio Tour # 17 - Jodi Ohl's Sweet Retreat

Welcome to the 1st studio tour of 2010!

Today we're off to North Carolina to visit the Sweet Retreat of mixed media artist, Jodi Ohl. You can find Jodi's colorful art in her Etsy shop, LucySweetLucy, as well as on her blog, SweetRepeats.blogspot.com. If you pop into your local craft or bookstore, you can also find her in the latest edition of Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine. But today you will find Jodi in her new art studio - so let me get out of the way so she can show you around.

JO: I moved into my first home at the end of September. I must have looked at 25 different homes but the first one I saw and the one I kept coming back to. No doubt it was the awesome room that kept my head dreaming of all the wonderful creations that would come out of this new space if it were to be mine. After going back and forth with all the different houses I had before me to choose from, I came back to the home that kept calling my name, the place with the studio already there for me. No more dining room table and boxes of supplies everywhere you turn. I can spread out, organize, create and be me without the stresses of knowing my art was taking over the home my youngest son and I share.

JO: Since the end of September, I've held 4 workshops, 3 demos, participated in 1 outdoor show, created 2 custom pieces,45 magnets, 25 6x6 Sweet HeART blocks, 25 4x4 heart blocks, 1 30 x 40 painting, 6 6 x12 pieces, 3 6 x 6 paintings, 4 6x6 paintings, 3 15 x 30 pieces, 25 2 x4 paintings, 3 4x6 paintings, 6 3 x5 canvas paintings, 12 12x12 pieces, 1 9x12 painting, 2 16 x 20 pieces, several journal spreads, wrote 1 article, and started working on preparing for the 14 workshops locally I'm holding this year and one online class I'm conducting. So. yea. I've been busy! Plus work a day job and take care of my wonderful son who puts up with tagging along to shows, demos, and classes with Momma. With that said, my studio isn't exactly set up the way I want it yet, but I can say I've been productive in it!

Someone told me that you don't set up a studio, you grow into it. A studio evolves as the artist evolves. I'm definitely growing into my new space but I still dream of a day where I have all the pretty labels everywhere and areas colorized with banners of inspiration, idea boards, a place to put all my extensive papers collection, a spot to store all my large canvases.

JO: With time, I will evolve into my new space and you will see this studio mirror where I am as an artist more authentically than it does today. Today, it's my haven, my "Sweet Retreat" and it's been so good to me. More than you will ever know.

Whether I'm inspired by colors of my paints and crayons,

or dabbling with new colors and brands of paint,

sketching out my ideas or shading in an area of my painting,

JO: Or creating a new collection, I'll be forever grateful for finding the place I can evolve as an artist and plant some roots with my family. Planting roots, finding a community, buying a home-all things that have been common themes in my art over the last few years. It's almost as it's all manifested itself through my art. Kinda magical, huh?

Green Apple Village Imagine (as seen in Cloth Paper Scissors) by Jodi Ohl

Definitely, Jodi, and many thanks for showing us where you make your magic!

Want to see more of Jodi's fantastic art?

She kindly stopped in last Thursday to share some of her work and thoughts. If you missed it, you can catch that post by clicking here. While you are there, sign up to enter next Thursday's random drawing for a $25 gift certificate to her Etsy shop, LucySweetLucy. All who leave a comment before 1 a.m. (EST) on 1/7 will be entered in this drawing but only 1 will win. Will it be you?

Here are some more places on & offline that you can find Jodi & her latest creations:

Store - LucySweetLucy.etsy.com
Blog - SweetRepeats.blogspot.com

Online Workshop - Fun With Faux Encaustic
You can also sign up for her new artsy newsletter

If you find yourself in North Carolina:
Swank Coffee Shop and Handmade Market in Southern Pines, NC
Circa Gallery in Asheboro, NC
Fayetteville Museum of Art, Fayetteville, NC
Fine Tracery in Pinehurst, NC

Jodi will also be teaching a Jerry's Artarama Work Shop "in the village" in Raleigh NC on March 7th.

Many thanks to those of you who stop by ArtSnark's Artifacts today. While I always love peeking behind the scenes, it is your continued interest that keeps this project going. I have more studio tours & other fun stuff planned for 2010 - so please keep popping back! Also, if you are interested in either sharing your space or sponsoring a Thursday Giveaway/artist feature just let me know (my email is in my profile). Again, thanks for stopping by & I hope you have a creative weekend!


  1. What a wonderful tour of Jodi's studio -- it's so bright and colorful. The list of what you've accomplished since September is staggering, your dedication is inspiring! Thanks, Stacey!

  2. Jodi, you've been a busy girl. You inspire me. And your studio is wonderful.

  3. Jodi, I love love love your studio. Look at all that creative space and storage! That house was waiting for you!

    Thanks for featuring Jodi's studio, Stacey!

  4. Thanks for the peek inside your studio, Jodi....what a bright, fun place to create :)

    Thanks Stacey!

  5. Great tour! It's so much fun to peek inside someone's creative space. Jodi - I'm in awe of all of those shelves!

  6. What a great tour! Thanks for sharing. Her work is so colorful and whimsical. And I'm very jealous of her studio space.

  7. The studio is OUTSTANDING! I wish I had artistic talents. That studio looks like it would make even untalented me creative!

  8. Thanks for the tour. Very inspiring!

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  10. I remember when Jodi moved in. She has certainly settled in and made it her own. How inspiring. Enjoyed the tour, Stacey!

  11. What a world of color and possibilities! Congratulations!

  12. Awesome Space and great artwork as always! Keep up the good work! :)

  13. What a great space!! So colorful!!

    Thanks Stacey!!

  14. Loved the tour of Jodi's space. And it is a great space too. Her work is wonderful and I love her etsy shop. Thanks so much for introducing me to her.

  15. Oh so jealous I am! What fun you must be having, Jodi, finding just the "right" spot for everything...

  16. Great post! I can relate to Jodi's feelings about her home. I love my condo - it's the first home I ever had after many years of apartment living. I just wish my studio was a little bigger!

  17. Great tour of Jodi's new space!! I am so happy to know Jodi and see her art take her to new and exciting places!

    Thanks for doing the studio tours Stacey!

  18. Love this interview! Jodi, I'm drolling over your studio. You have been so busy & productive that you have earned it! Way to go. I'm so inspired.

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  20. This is a great ideal of a tour, of an artist studio, so interesting!

  21. INSPIRATIONAL - Jodi's work, her story, and the continuation of her art evolution is a joy to watch! Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life.
    With admiration and hugs,
    Lori ann Merrill

  22. She's got great style and a great space to work in.

  23. What beautiful work and I love love love the studio. I want one just like it and I'm not even an artist. :) Nice.

  24. Jody, what a wonderful energetic artist you are. Your painting convey to me so much energy, just wonderful.
    YOur studio is so wonderfully organized, puts my room to shame!
    So sorry to hear of the stress in your life, my heart goes out to you.
    Artsnark thank you for introducing me to this wonderful artist.
    Carol F

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