WooHoo! I'm on HandMadeNews.org this week!

Been over to HandmadeNews.org recently?

I had the good fortune to be picked as one of their Featured Bloggers this week. Yes, a new spot for more of my ramblings - I even chatter about my Broadway Debut. If you have a few minutes please check out my interview. If you're feeling really generous, a thumbs up would be fantastic (find thumbs at the bottom of the piece).

If you are unfamiliar with this great site, take a look around. There are lots of articles on all kinds of creative stuff, from inspiration to techniques & everything in between. Just the other day I wanted to learn the secret to drilling a hole in a piece of sea glass. Guess where I went for the answer.....

Oh oh, now I'm giving away all my secrets (wink, wink)


Oh boy! HandmadeCharlotte, who is the other Featured Blogger on HandmadeNews this week, just pointed out that our features were recommended reading on OnePrettyThing's Crafty Reading Roundup yesterday! If you get a chance please check out her blog. It is simply wonderful - with sweet clean design and fantastic picks! Here is a link to her feature too. Now I'm off to read some of the OPT's other intriguing suggestions...

But 1st:

Have you entered Thursday's giveaway, yet? Leave a comment here before 1 am on 1/28. One lucky winner will take home a fun piece of HeartArt from mixed media artist, Linda Hardy. CLICK HERE for details and an interview with Linda.

By the way, HeartsForHaiti is going strong! As of yesterday they've made over $10,000 in less than 7 days for DoctorsWithoutBorders. If you have yet to donate items or do some shopping please click thru and check out this fabulous shop. After Etsy & Paypal fees are deducted, 100% of your $ is donated to DWB. Hundreds of Etsy sellers continue to give a variety of items AND sellers are paying the shipping costs to you. How cool is that!


  1. Congratulations! You are famous! :)

  2. I second the congratulations! That's so exciting!

  3. Hey Stacey, congrats on the article :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards, T.

  4. WoooHooo! I am going to read the article right now!!

  5. Great interview, Stacey! You are the "master-blogger". I gave you a thumbs up!


  6. Hey Stacey, way to go! This was a great interview/feature - definitely well deserved. I really liked your story about the converted laundry/studio space - kind of reminds me of the one Kris and I have. Also, the Broadway feature was very funny! Keep on creating and inspiring!

  7. Thanks for all of your kinds word - I have the best readers!

  8. Congrats from me as well!! I have never heard of this org??? Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Congrats on this interview Stacey! Really cool stuff! :)
    Francisco Martins