Studio Tour #18 - Steve Loya

Hey There. How've you been?

Welcome back for another Studio Tour Saturday! Today we are off to Virginia to take a look around Steve Loya's creative space. But 1st we have to get past this guy ......

Tell you what, I'll distract him with a banana cream pie while you make a run for it! Better yet, lets send this big fella after him....

Phew - that was close!

Hey - did you catch Thursday's post when Steve stopped by to share his thoughts and fabulous art? If not, click here (hurry while the monsters are still busy!). Be sure to come back - we'll wait for you...(tuneless whistling)..... Ok, now lets go check out where this fun artist makes his magic!

SL: For the longest time, I have tried to have a room or space somewhat resembling my own art studio, but in most cases those rooms quickly turned into storage spaces.

SL: Most of the time you would find me working on the dining table. The photos you see here are so far the best attempt yet at having a studio, or creative space.

SL: My wife Kris is also and artist and crafter and we both agreed that over my winter break, we'd make an effort to make this space "official".

SL: I had lots of wonderful art lying around, collected over the years, mostly from friends and folks whose work I admire, and decided to hang most of it in this space, as well as some of my own and Kris' work.

SL: I figured it would be a good idea to be surrounded by some inspiration. I've also got my most of my massive CD collection in the room, for both practical and again, inspirational purposes.

SL: Music has always enhanced my life as well as the accompanying artwork. We both have our own bookshelves in the studio.

SL: Slowly, I've been building up a collection of art books over the years, and I find it's good to have those around as well.

SL: Most importantly is that we finally have some organized storage space and a table to work on.

Thanks, Steve, for the tour! Always love a peek behind the scenes.

Did you guys see the turtle tank a few photos back? It is the home of Gammera, the artist's mascot & occasional muse. To see more photos of Gam click HERE. (And here's some fun trivia on his namesake.)

Want to see more of Steve's art? Visit him online:

Main Blog:http://goflyingtrtl.blogspot.com/

Art Only Blog: http://steveloyaart.blogspot.com/

New Etsy Shop: http://www.goflyingturtle.etsy.com

For A Splotch Monster Compendium Vol 1:http://www.blurb.com/books/1023323

Feeling Lucky?
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Take a chance & enter Steve's random drawing. Simply leave a comment before 1 a.m. (EST) on 1/14 on this blog (ArtSnark) to enter. 1 lucky winner will take home a softcover copy of A Splotch Monster Compendium Vol. 1, a postcard & 1 ACEO. Contest is open worldwide with free shipping.

Thanks for stopping by today! The next studio tour will be on 1/23. While I love visiting all these creative spaces, I'm changing the schedule to every other week for a while. I need to start spending more time on art & a bit less on the computer. In the meantime, other posts will continue more or less on schedule so keep peeking in, okay?

Best wishes for a creative weekend! Cheers!


  1. Wonderful space! Mine was neat and tidy like that too....once!

  2. The last picture is absolutely breathtaking :) Yet another great tour, stacey, thanks :)

    Love the artwork on the walls too :) We always need inspiration, good luck Steve :) regards, T.

  3. Once again, thank you so much Stacy, for taking the time out of your busy schedule and setting this all up. You did a marvelous job and you do good things for artists and creative people. All the best to you in all you do!

    Cheers!, Steve

  4. What a tidy space! Oh, I see. Its new. That explains it. : )
    I love your wall filled with your art.

  5. how very cool. love all the color in the artwork. my space would be a definite mess...

  6. That is a great tour and so interesting how he fits it all in, well done

  7. Very light and lively space. I love it!

  8. thanks for the well wishes....Love your peices..and all the vibrant colors!

  9. Thanks Stacey and Steve! Looks like a very inspiring space to work in. And very light and bright!

  10. I love how he's got his walls decorated.

  11. Wow, that's really neat and colourful- must be a great creative workplace!

  12. Great interview and Steve has some lovely work. :)

  13. I like the inspirational surroundings :) That last picture is amazing!

  14. I love the very first piece, Infinity. It's beautiful! And there's nothing like a cuppa tea while working to keep you going.

  15. I just LOVE his space & work! And all of the art on the walls *sigh* *dream studio*!!!!!

    SOOOOOOOO.....did the snowy photos of Maine give you flashbacks?? Are you ever coming to Gardiner to visit your Mom?? LET ME KNOW if you ever do!!!

    xoxox ~Jes

  16. Ot just needs to get a bit untidy...A beautiful space.

  17. Great tour (and earlier interview). I really really enjoyed seeing his space. Very inspirational!

  18. Art studio, yes, there is a constant fight to keep the room not turning in to storage spaces.