Monday's Muse - Hearts for Haiti (Part 2)

Hundreds of Etsy Sellers are donating a variety of items
(click on any photo here to visit donations from my Etsy shops)

Italy Train Station mixed media collage - fits in 8 X 10 frame

FREE SHIPPING on every item!
Sellers pay shipping costs for your purchase

Pair of metal discs / candleholders

100% of your $ will be donated to
Doctors Without Borders

(after the etsy & pay pal fees are paid)

As of 11 a.m. today over $3000.00 have been collected in the last 2 days

2 yards Blue Double Faced Satin Ribbon - Anna Griffin/ Plaid

There have been 300 sales and 300 new items listed, with more on the way.

Happy Plant - Photo with mat fits 5x7 frame (this 1 hasn't posted yet)

Are you an etsy seller interested in donating items?
Click here for details

2 yards green Double Faced Satin Ribbon - Anna Griffin/ Plaid

If you have a few minutes today please visit Hearts For Haiti.

You can contribute to an important cause.

Maybe you will find that "special something".

Plus, you can't beat the free shipping!


  1. this is so powerful -- thank you for sharing.

  2. This is a great thing and thanks for sharing

  3. Just heard about it yesterday and I'm blogging about it today. What a wonderful idea! We'll be donating some items and probably buying some and encouraging others to do the same

  4. Great post - love your painting and photo! I also need to check out these donation shops. Thank you!

  5. Stacey, thanks for sharing, I hadn't heard about this shop :)

    Off to donate :) T.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday, regards, T.

  6. Thanks for the tip and sharing the awareness, I'll go over there in a bit.


  7. Love your pieces! I love this idea too!! I am glad it is going so well.