Musical Monday & OWOH winner picked

Good Morning - feeling awake yet?

Me? Not so much....so here's my music today

This version is a bit quieter than the one on my Racket in the Attic CD which I play much to loud some mornings. It is not quite doing it for me today tho' - might have put on some espresso & switch over to my Monday Morning standby, Tank from The Seatbelts. I know I've mentioned this 1 before but if you haven't heard it yet, click through & turn up the volume.

Looking for more Monday music? Visit Diane over at Good Mourning Glory. Just click the button & get some linky. Then add your own if you want to share.

Topic Change:

Today 1 random winner of the One World One Heart Giveaway takes home my original drawing/painting Climbing.

climbing by Stacey Merrill

Many thanks to all who entered the One World One Heart Give away! In case you missed it, OWOH was started 4 years ago by the blogger A Whimsical Bohemian. The idea was to get a bunch of bloggers doing a giveaway on the same day, not so much for the free stuff - more like a kindred spirit kind of thing. This year 1,088 OWOH bloggers from 40 countries are giving something away today. Kinda cool. If you'd like to see a linkable list of participants, click here.

So, with the help of Random.org,

Today's winner is Top Floor Treasures!
Congrats !

And thanks again to all who participated in the OWOH giveaway as well as those who let comments. If you have a blog & want to play along next year, keep an eye out for A Whimsical Bohemain's announcement in early 2011

By the way, here is a link to the Thursday Giveaway ending 2/25, a fantastic bracelet from Kim Smith

Also, if you pop back later today I'll be announcing a new random drawing from those fantastic folks over at Uprinting.com. Right now I've gotta get some coffee ....

NOTE 7PM: Spent the last few hours dealing with a flooded office. Not my studio, the day job office. And everyone else is at the International Toy Fair this week. Sigh. well it needed a deep clean anyway. I feel like the snowmen in this post so I will wait until tomorrow to introduce the new Uprinting.com giveaway. Thank you for your patience


  1. I like this so much but then I like many Irish bands/groups thanks for posting this it was a treat!

  2. ME??? I won??? WOW!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much!! I love this painting and it will have pride of place in my home :)
    I will email you now. This is soo exciting!! *does a happy dance*

  3. Congratulations to Top Floor T. I just checked out her blog, loved it and started following it today.

  4. I love this! I hadn't heard them before, but I love celtic music. Definitely downloading this! My Scottish hubbie will love it too.

    Happy MM!

  5. Congrats to Top Floor!! And the music is fabulous! Thanks