Heard a rumor that I've scooped CPS Studios Magazine

I was relaxing with the Spring 2010 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Magazine today ( I know I know I should be working - ssshhh, don't tell...) & decided to share some info I've been sitting on:

2 artists who will be featured in a future issue of CPS Studios have already shared their creative spaces on this blog. Now how cool is that! The question is can you guess who??

Psst...it is not really that secret, as they've mentioned this on facebook & elsewhere.

I just thought it was kinda cool.

By the way, today's studio tour was postponed. Sorry about that. The next one will be on 4/17.

If you haven't entered the random drawing for a pair of earrings from DharmaKarmaArts, click here for photo & details. 1 winner will be selected on 4/8.


  1. Awesome! I think it's cool, too! (But I don't know who the two artists are...)

  2. Cool, you are such an INSIDER, girl! Happy Easter to you and yours, too!!

  3. How cool is that! You must be proud to have featured them first.

  4. you're on the cutting edge Stacey !! :)

    Thanks for the visit to my blog...and Happy Easter to you too !!

  5. That is so great, Stacey! I love your tours.

  6. Thank you for stopping by, my friend!: )

  7. these are so lovely and I really love the girl with the giant ice-cream cone!