What'cha doing Friday night?

I'll be at the Tampa Artist Emporium - won't you join me?

Last month the new owners, Anthony Peck & Melissa Wilson, sent out a call to artists.

They've had quite a response! I was in the neighborhood today & popped by for a sneak peak.

I took some shots of Anthony & Shelby hanging the show but I'll be d@*&ed if I can figure out how to get them from my phone to the computer. Yes, yes I hear you snickering...you young whippersnappers... Know what is really cool? Several pieces have sold & the show isn't even up yet.

Tomorrow I'll pop back over there with the "real" camera and see what treasures I can find for you. Until then, enjoy these pics from their facebook fan page.

Sorry, the artists names aren't listed on their page. If I find out in the future, I'll come back & add them. Want to see more photos? Click through & visit the fanpage.

By the way I have these 2 pieces in the show.

Blue Dryad


Just a reminder, tonight is your last chance to enter the random drawing for a great pair of earrings from DharmaKarmaArts. You have until 1 a.m. (EST) to leave a comment & be entered. Click Here to see the earrings & other colorful pieces from the artist, Indira.

Plus tomorrow we've got a new Artist Feature & Giveaway Prize. Be sure to check it out - this artist has been one of my Etsy faves from back when I 1st joined in 2008.

Well, I'll see you around. Hopefully Friday night at the Artist Appreciation Mixer - if you're in the neighborhood!


  1. Oh, I wish I could join you! I love those two pieces of yours, especially Blue Dryad.

  2. Sound like a fun way to spend Friday night! Love your pieces, Stacey.

  3. I'm so excited for you Stacey, hope you and the gallery are very successful.....hey, so much for neutral background walls for art,eh? :)