Random Thoughts Tuesday - scholars & adventurers

 I am enjoying the 1st blissfully quiet morning in months.

Vintage Photo Children c.1936 from HappySteiler.etsy.com

Little Dude started 1st grade today & computer trouble has everyone out of the office for a little while.

I should squeeze in some drawing time or clean the studio. Instead I'm doing laundry & getting my Random on. I haven't RTTed in a while.


If you decide to play along, just set your brain to spin cycle & see what falls out.. Then pop over to TheUnMom for a purple button. Be sure to add your link & send those musings out into the world.

Still loving this tune. Yes, it is 7+ minutes...but it is perfect for this dark & rainy day.

Leather Journal Necklace from WayFaringArt.etsy.com

I'm looking for something to read. I've been revisiting childhood faves this  summer, mostly classics like Dorian Gray & Mysterious Island.  

I recently started The Difference Engine but I'm already a bit bored with it. I'm thinking something more Robinson Crusoe or City Of Z - ish perhaps.... Any suggestions? What's on your nightstand right now?

Brass Steampunk Adventurer's Corset from Harlots & Angels

Which somehow reminds me - just how fantastic is this corset from HarlotsAndAngels.etsy.com?? Love the clasps! 

It is funny, but thinking random often leads me to the Etsy search engine. Tossing "explorer",  "adventure" & similar terms just entertained me for far too long this morning...

The laundry room is buzzing & I just fed my postcard addiction over at TheOldBarnDoor.etsy.com. So,  it is time to get back to the real world before my shirts wrinkle & my wallet completely empties! Before you go, check out this fun Victorian trading card brought to you by The Old Barn Door & "OXO real meat extract".... ahh...good times...

Victorian Trading Card Pair from TheOldBarnDoor.etsy.com

Oh & what is Random Tuesday with out a zombie? Today's Zombie Ant is brought to you by the New York Times & Ophiocordyceps unilaterali.


  1. Love that picture...I can relate..ahhh the quiet is coming for me...counting down til next week. cool blog you have here!

  2. Loving that corset!!! All leather and chains...what's not to love??
    Great RTT!!
    Stop by my blog if you haven't recently and see my installed fiber piece. Finally got it done!! Woohoo!!

  3. Books I've already read recently that I highly recommend:

    CS Lewis' Space Trilogy
    Huxley's Brave New World

    And I started reading The Unlikely Disciple but never found the motivation to finish it.